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🥇 Free Online Courses Postgraduate research scholarship covering tuition fees from ECU in Australia 2021 🙂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  : Edith Cowan University offers a scholarship to graduate students to help them pursue graduate research work. The scholarship is awarded on the basis of academic merit and research performance. The scholarship includes financial funding of $ 28,420 annually paid every two weeks by electronic transfer in addition to covering student tuition fees.

✅   Free Online Courses  Criteria for applying for the scholarship: 🤓

Free Online Courses  To be eligible, applicants must have met the following requirements:

Free Online Courses  Applicants must have made an unconditional offer of an ECU course of study within the Postgraduate Research Program.

Applicants must not receive income from another source to support the cost of living  Free Online Courses during their studies if that income is greater than 75% of the entry rate of the ECU scholarship.

Applicants must be registered as full-time students and reside on campus at the Free Online Courses commencement of the scholarship but in exceptional circumstances, applicants may apply for a part-time scholarship and be granted approval according to the criteria for part-time scholarships. Free Online Courses

If applicants apply to start a course of study at the university and have not yet been offered an offer by the university, or are currently studying in a bachelor’s degree with honors, master’s degree or integrated doctorate, they can apply for this scholarship and their application will be evaluated provided the requirements are met.

Applicants will not be permitted to receive the scholarship if:

Applicants have completed an Australian PhD in Research or equivalent. Free Online Courses

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Applicants have completed a research master’s degree or equivalent.

Applicants have been receiving a grant from the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) or an Australia Award grant for the past two years.


Free Online Courses  The scholarship includes a stipend of $ 28,420 annually paid every two weeks by electronic transfer in addition to covering student tuition fees.

🤑  Free Online Courses  Scholarship Duration: 🔥

The duration of the scholarship varies depending on the length of the study course, and it is up to 2 years in the case of a Research Master and to 3 years in the case of PhD and Integrated PhD.

💥  Free Online Courses  Terms of scholarship expiry: ✨

The scholarship will be terminated in the following cases:

Free Online Courses  Once the dissertation is delivered for examination and analysis.

If the scholarship holder ceases to adhere to the specified eligibility criteria except during the period in which the scholarship is temporarily suspended or during the approved leave period.

When a student stops being a full-time student and at the same time he is unable to obtain approval to become a part-time student Free Online Courses.

In the event of death, the student’s inability to continue, or his withdrawal.

If the scholarship holder does not resume his studies after the expiry of his approved leave and has not made the necessary arrangements to extend the leave period.

If the scholarship holder accepts another award grants or other stipend for his research degree in the event that this income is greater than 75% of the entry rate of the ECU scholarship and does not comply with the requirements for additional funding.

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Once the maximum duration of the scholarship is reached.

 If the university decides the following:

That the study path is not conducted efficiently, accurately or in accordance with the terms of the scholarship.

The scholarship holder fails to maintain a satisfactory standard or fails to adhere to the required conditions specified in the application contract.

The scholarship holder has committed academic misconduct such as – but not limited to – providing false or misleading information Free Online Courses.