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🥇 Training opportunity at the United Nations in Lebanon in the Department of Planning and Accountability 2020 Free Online Courses 🙂

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses  : The United Nations offers a training opportunity in Lebanon at the Free Online Courses Planning and Accountability Division (Spark) of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) office in Beirut, where the trainee will assist the department team in many tasks, including analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of activities with the aim of improving the overall performance of the office (ESCWA). Which works to enhance regional cooperation for the comprehensive economic and social development of the member states Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  The training lasts for two months full-time and may be exceptionally extended, on the recommendation of the department manager, for up to six months. The trainee will work under the supervision of a department employee for 35 hours, five days a week and submit work reports directly to the department coordinator (Spark).

Note: The trainee is responsible for all expenses related to training, and the organization does not bear any costs resulting from the trainee’s injury to any disease or accident during the training period, and the candidate will be asked to sign a statement confirming his acceptance of these conditions upon his acceptance in the training.

✅  Free Online Courses  Main responsibilities of coaching: 🤓

Free Online Courses  The trainee will perform the following tasks during his training period:

Conducting research and analytical processes, drafting documents and providing data and Free Online Courses information to support implementation of activities, including Free Online Courses  preparation of reports and presentations.

Free Online Courses Contribute to developing monitoring tools.

Organize, integrate and analyze data and information derived from quality assurance processes and tools using appropriate statistical methods and / or applications.

Contribute to the design and development of employee training on evaluation tools and participate in the implementation of training activities undertaken by the unit.

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Attending meetings such as the Publications Committee and Expert Teams meetings and taking notes Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  Assist with other customized activities as instructed.

Eligibility criteria for training:

🤑  Free Online Courses  The applicant must meet one of the following requirements at the time of application submission: 🔥

Free Online Courses  To be enrolled in a postgraduate program of any second university degree or its equivalent or higher.

To be in the last year of one of the first university degree programs (minimum Bachelor’s level or equivalent) Free Online Courses.

Fluent in using basic computer programs, especially Microsoft Word and Excel.

Have a demonstrated ability to successfully communicate with individuals of different cultural backgrounds and beliefs as well as try to understand and tolerate different opinions.

Fluency in speaking and writing English and Arabic.

Note: This training does not require prior work experience.

💥 Free Online Courses  required skills: ✨

Communication Skills: Speaking and writing clearly and effectively, listening to others, interpreting messages from them properly, responding appropriately, adapting language, tone, style and form to suit the audience, showing openness in sharing information and keeping people informed.

Teamwork: Collaborating with colleagues in achieving organizational goals and seeking inputs through real evaluation of others’ ideas and experiences, willingness to learn from others, setting the team’s agenda before the personal agenda, as well as providing support and taking action according to the group’s final decision.

Customer service: Considering all those who are provided with services as “clients” and striving to see things from their point of view, creating and maintaining fruitful partnerships with them by gaining their trust and respect, identifying customer needs and monitoring ongoing developments inside and outside the customer’s environment to stay aware of and anticipate problems, as well as keeping customers on board. Be aware of project progress or setbacks and meet deadlines for delivery of products and services.

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Technological awareness: keeping up with the available technology, understanding the beneficial application of technology in the office’s work and the limits of that, and actively seeking to apply technology in the appropriate tasks and expressing a desire to learn new technology.

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✨ Free Online Courses  About the United Nations:  🔥  

Free Online Courses  It is an international organization established in 1945 AD, and it consists so far of 193 member states. The United Nations is guided in its mission and work by the goals and objectives set out in its founding charter. The United Nations has been supporting Yemen for 60 years and working on development, humanitarian and political issues Free Online Courses.