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🥇 Steps to make a podcast Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses : How do I start a podcast series Fully funded online courses,  the first series of its kind to explain how to make podcasts in an interactive way, this series will be parallel to the process of creating a real podcast channel for a fetus . Together, we and I will learn how to start a podcast from scratch, that’s not all!

On this trip, we (you and I) will monitor and analyze the podcast project of Majnah, with a lot of research and experiences during this trip Fully funded online courses !

✅ Let’s relive this experience together Fully funded online courses !  🙂

part two

Steps to Make a Podcast: Planning

In the first part of the How to Start a Podcast series we learned more about what a podcast means and its benefits for businesses and for the listener too!

🤑 In this part, we’ll talk about the first steps in making a podcast Fully funded online courses:  🤓


the target audience

Podcast Topics

The name of the podcast channel

Just like any other project, we must plan well for this project or idea and document the desired goals of a podcast project!


The first step in learning how to create a podcast is to ask yourself why you want to start making a podcast. At this point, you have to make the most important decisions about your podcast. Your answer now will guide your marketing moves and the way you build your content.

Podcast goals

💥 To understand this better, ask yourself these questions Fully funded online courses : 🔥

Why do you want to create a podcast?

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 What is negative SEO Fully funded online courses 🙂

What is your goal in making a podcast channel?

What do you want from creating a podcast channel?

What are your ambitions?

Is your podcast an extension of something else you do (blog, YouTube channel, etc.) or is it the main focus that other things will be built around?

Is this a podcast designed for commercial purposes (potential client attraction, training, etc.), or is it a personal project that you hope to expand on?

Reviewing these questions will help give you a general idea of ​​your podcast and build your goals.

You have no idea yet about your goals?

Here are some of the goals that I wrote down when I documented the #podcast_femdom goals , so you might be deriving something from them:

Increase the number of visits to your blog  site

Defining the Arab world with a status of heaven

Enriching Arabic audio content

Educating generations about the worlds of e-marketing and content industry

Enjoy this technique

Don’t forget to link these goals to specific time periods to help you monitor and analyze them according to your performance indicators .

Target audience and podcast topics

In this guide I talked at length about the target audience and how to define it in commercial activities and businesses in general, and when talking about the podcast channel you should also think about who is the audience you want to target through this marketing tool, and do so based on the goals you set in advance and the types of topics Podcast.

Let’s explain this in more detail Fully funded online courses .

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Fully funded online courses How to define your target audience when starting to create a podcast? 🙂

For example, if you are going to use your podcast to sell a service – you want to think about the type of people who can benefit from that service, but if you want to create a narrative podcast, you need to think about what kind of listeners will enjoy the novel that you are. You will narrate it to them and benefit from it, and so on according to the podcast topics.

It helps to imagine the ideal listener (or audience avatar), are they cooler and better suited to a quiet podcast? Or very enthusiastic and want to hear your analysis? ? How does this affect how they enjoy the content? How can you direct your content to be something they enjoy? How will they listen to your show? Also, how does your ideal listener deal with similar content?