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🥇 Look at the information on the housing leasing that the bank of the west offers you so that you can buy a home Subsidy of housing 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : With the housing leasing offered by the Bank of the West you can have the opportunity to be the owner of a home, whether new or used, among the characteristics of this type of financing method is that through the lease the applicant must cancel a monthly lease fee to the bank in which a term will be established, once the term has expired, the opting party to the housing lease will have the possibility of acquiring the home, such process will be carried out through a purchase option which will be established in the contract.

Regarding the maximum percentage of financing offered by the western bank is approximately 80%, this will be calculated based on the cost of the property, the financing program called housing leasing is one of the best options that are currently in force , as it allows you to acquire a home without the need to have prior savings.

⭐ Learn how you can obtain a percentage greater than 70% for the purchase of a home through the housing leasing program offered by the bank of the west  ✅


There are certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify for the housing leasing program that can allow you to obtain more than 70% for the purchase of a home under

🤓  Subsidy of housing this financing modality, these conditions are as follows: 🤑

1. The applicant for the housing lease must bear in mind that more than 70% of the financing can be obtained as long as you choose a new home

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2. The applicant must bear in mind that he must have at least 8 current legal minimum wages of family income

3. Other conditions is that the home you have chosen does not exceed a maximum value of 1200 current legal minimum wages

4. When choosing the option to purchase, the applicant must take into account that the percentage is from 1% to 20% if the home is for family use, while the percentage for non-family homes is between 1% to 20%. 10%

5. The opting party will have a period of between 5 to 20 years approximately to be able to cancel the entire housing leasing.

6. And the minimum financing amount is around 15700 usd approximately

💥  These are the benefits that Banco de Occidente offers you in the housing leasing program for home purchase 🔥


During the processing process the opting party will have support, which means that you will be well advised, another benefit is that you can request a loan to make the payments of deed expenses, these credits will have the same interest rate as the housing leasing and It is not mandatory for the applicant to have other products in the bank that offers the housing leasing, encourage yourself to be a homeowner using this financing method.