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🥇 Do you want to release your house? Here you will know how to do it through Housing Subsidies 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : One of the forms of housing policies that the state and the entities in charge of social benefits make available to you are the housing subsidy systems, this type of benefit provides various services so that you can become the owner of your own home. .

If you are one of the people who do not have economic resources that can cover the needs of housing policies, I recommend you continue reading this article here we will explain how you can apply for the housing subsidy.

It is important that you know that in order to qualify for the housing solution benefit known as subsidies, you must find yourself on a financial economic scale that does not exceed 4 minimum wages, this will allow you to enter the scale of people whose economic level is low or medium .

🤓 Subsidy of housing  households that are eligible for the housing subsidy benefit  ✅


The entities or government agencies that are responsible for the distribution of the items for this service, take into account a series of socioeconomic conditions to be able to grant housing subsidies, it is for them that we will tell you in which range you must find yourself so that you can do the application and you can open a new home in just a short time.

Requirements of households eligible to apply for the housing subsidy

Having a conformed home is a requirement that you must meet, if you are a public worker you can join one of the entities that are in charge of providing this type of benefit, such is the case of the family compensation fund, if your husband is also It is, both can join and can request the benefit for said institution.

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Take into account that the sum of the salary of both your husband and yours should not exceed 4 minimum salaries, if so, you will not be eligible for this benefit, another extremely important aspect is not to own a home, if your application already owns a property it will be revoked immediately.

🔥 💥 What do I do if I had a home, but lost it due to inability to pay, to qualify for the housing subsidy benefit? 🤑

Indeed, if you are eligible again for the housing subsidy benefit, since the previous property was not fully acquired, this is not a reason for the application to be denied.

It is really essential that you have a minimum saving of one year, this will guarantee to give the contribution of the initial fee for the purchase of the property and with the housing subsidy you will be able to finish completing the remaining money to be able to buy your house.

You are not a public employee and you are not affiliated with a family compensation fund.


🔥 💥  How do I apply for the housing subsidy? ✨ 😂  


The State from time to time calls people to apply to provide them with the housing subsidy service, you just have to be attentive and go once the call is made, if this is your case you cannot under any circumstances find yourself on any type of payroll or credit system, you should try to remain as solvent as possible, this is an influencing factor when applying for this type of benefits when government entities are granted.