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🥇 Articles Study of Biotechnology Short online courses with certificates 🙂

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates : Modern technology, or Short online courses with certificates as biotechnology is known, is the science that is directly and closely related to biology, which means how to use a living thing to produce and develop a useful product, and it has spread so widely that it has almost become an essential component in many vital areas at the present time.

Short online courses with certificates This science appeared at the beginning of the 20th century in some simple fields Short online courses with certificates such as agriculture, and then with the development of modern technology and the use of advanced technologies, biotechnology has an important role in many areas, which we will explain in our article on the study of biotechnology.

▷  Short online courses with certificates Study of biotechnology and its branches: ◁


Green Biotechnology

It is the branch that is concerned with the agricultural field, and examples of biotechnology applications include the manufacture of pesticides and the production of genetically modified plants that are used in tissue culture, along with biological fertilizers and others, which helped develop agricultural production and food processing.

Blue Biotech

This branch is concerned with marine organisms and the marine world and has helped by using advanced modern technologies in studying and analyzing marine organisms.

✅  Red biotech Short online courses with certificates Biotechnology is divided into 4 sections, defined according to colors, as follows: 🤓

It is the branch Short online courses with certificatesthat is concerned with the study of the medical field, which focused on the possibility of developing the production of antibiotics from some living organisms, as well as studying Short online courses with certificatesgenetic engineering to treat some incurable and difficult-to-treat diseases such as cancer and the production of some medicines related to the genetic content. 

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White Biotechnology Free training certificates

This branch has a close connection with the field of industry, and therefore it is considered the most widespread field. This branch has been interested in studying how living organisms are used to produce some chemicals instead of using them in the old traditional methods of industry in addition to Short online courses with certificates the production of plastic, alcohol and amino acids, which are used commercially.

🔥 Short online courses with certificates What are the requirements for studying biotechnology abroad? 🤑

Due Short online courses with certificates to the great demand for studying biotechnology, this specialization has some academic Short online courses with certificates subjects and scientific decisions related to it to grant a bachelor’s degree, but there are some conditions that must be met for study abroad, which include the following:

The student obtained a high school degree and excelled in some scientific subjects such as chemistry and news.

The student is proficient in the English language fully.

The student passes the IELTS English language proficiency tests, and the test points are determined according to each university.

What are the requirements for studying each branch of biotechnology?

To study green biotechnology, the student must have an agricultural qualification.

To major in blue biotechnology, it is preferred for students who have obtained scientific qualifications related to aquatic biology.

In the case of studying white biotechnology, it is preferred for students with a scientific qualification in agriculture or engineering due to its connection to the field of industry.

As for studying red biotechnology, this requires one of the qualifications related to medicine, pharmacology or genetic chemistry.

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What areas of work are available when studying biotechnology?

The study of biotechnology provides many distinct areas of work that the labor market needs, for example:

Work in one of the various medical and biological laboratories.

Work in genetics research laboratories.

Work for Short online courses with certificatesa medical device company.

Work in various fields of agriculture related to agricultural production and prevention methods.

Work in one of the research and scientific centers related to medical and agricultural studies.

Work in a hospital in the Short online courses with certificatessupplies and supplies department.

Work as a forensic analyst, such as forensic analysis and genetic fingerprinting.

Work as a technical supervisor in one of the universities and scientific laboratories.

Work in Short online courses with certificatesenvironmental and water analysis laboratories.

Work in the field of teaching in biology.

Work in food processing companies.