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✨ Khamsat || How to profit from Khamsat Short online courses with certificate 💥

Short online courses with certificate  : Khamsat is one of the oldest and famous Arab sites in the field of profit on the Internet, working remotely, and the idea of ​​the site is the convergence of the seller and the buyer through him and the implementation of the request, but on the condition that the site is the mediator between the two parties and takes a commission of one dollar for each service at a price of $ 5, and the site has been named With that name because the minimum service that can be requested or purchased must be less than $ 5. Short online courses with certificate

As long as the price of all services is five dollars, Short online courses with certificate  ten, fifteen, or twenty dollars … and others, the idea of ​​the site is taken from the global Fiverr site, but it takes a commission of half a dollar on each purchase of $ 5, and of course anyone who deals with Fiverr should Be familiar with the English language.  Short online courses with certificate

🔥 How to profit from Khamsat Short online courses with certificate 🤑   

You can subscribe to the Khamsat site for free without restrictions. (Subscribe to the Khamsat site), you just need to click here and start the registration process for a new account by entering the username, password, e-mail, etc. The rest of the data, and from here you activate your account by message Text received in e-mail and after activation, the account is now ready to earn your first five dollars through the site.

On the main page of Khumsat there are all services, whether it is translation services, design, programming, e-marketing or data entry, and services can be added to the site and start making profit from the service.

It is better to add the services with high demand provided by Khamsat and all the services that need a lot) and to perform services similar to what is on the site, provided that you are able to implement this service for your customers to the maximum extent, and when you finish providing the service, make a profit and you can withdraw it.

After you log in to the site, click on a new service and enter the appropriate title and classification for the service, then prepare a brief description of the service for the customer, add some live pictures of the service, and specify the deadline for receiving the services, whether for a day, two or three, Then Qimam by writing the instructions that appear to the customer after immediate payment, and if you are keen to provide Facebook cover design services, ask the customer about his favorite colors, preferred fonts, expected design patterns … and others.

After the customer purchases your service, you must start and complete the implementation of the service, your earnings will be displayed in your Khamsat account, and you can withdraw the balance through your Paypal within 15 days.

🤓  How to upgrade your business to increase profits in Khamsat Short online courses with certificate ✅

You should browse all services as possible, especially to see the services that can provide such services, study the number of service buyers and their behavior, study the reasons for the large sales of the service and the positive reviews.

Please read the terms of the Khamsat website carefully as you must review all services it will provide and accept them if they qualify for you.

Join the groups and pages on Facebook and post your service in the comments and it will be known to you, but in the sense that you will provide the “design” service, publish the service on through groups of Photoshop programs and designers.

How to work on the Khamsat website

🙂  Search for all services that have more than 20 sales. Short online courses with certificate 🥇

Sort services into services that can provide similar services.

Add the first service by preparing a professional image of the service and writing a convincing, short and useful description to show mastery in the service.

Go to the non-existent service request page and post the service link in the comments.

After selling this service for the first time, start adding other services.

When the profit reaches $ 10, you can withdraw the profit which is the minimum withdrawal amount, which is equivalent to providing three services.

✨  List of free online courses  About Fives site 💥

List of free online courses :  Khamsat to work from home is the best choice if you are ready  List of free online courses and have a passion in a field that you are good at working in, but you do not know how to start and from where, List of free online courses  so through this topic we will provide you with the best ways to profit by performing microservices, which is the Khamsa site Through which you can find tremendous opportunities to work while you are at home, especially beginners. List of free online courses

Khamsat is a service site for buying and selling List of free online courses  meager services and it also acts as a mediator between the owner of the trade and the buyer and guarantees the rights of both parties and protects them from being exposed to one of them by fraud or fraud. List of free online courses

Khamsat was established in the year 2011 AD,  List of free online courses and the cost of one service on the site is 5 dollars and its commission reaches 1 dollar for each service that you can provide, and the services also vary according to your talent.

🔥 List of free online courses Fives site to work from home 🤑


List of free online courses  With Khamsat, you can profit from providing your various services to the public at a cost of $ 5 per service. For example, List of free online courses if you have the talent of Photoshop, you can exploit it by making your services available in five, for example, a logo preparation service, a banner, or a site planning and other services. List of free online courses

And if someone likes your service, he will buy the service and you will perform this service while protecting and keeping the determinants, rules and the agreed time period for performing the work. List of free online courses

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After performing the work, your percentage of it is 4 dollars and only one dollar is deducted for the five-site site, and you can withdraw your money after passing the ten dollar amount, with a commission deduction, and you can certainly double that number through the features of renewable services. List of free online courses

It may explain to you in the beginning that the amount is simple, but with the completion of more than one service every day, you will reap decent and decent profits and amounts that can save you an income every month with it, and all you will need is knowledge of your skills well and the method and method of using them by selling various services that can be You can earn with it with fives. List of free online courses

Fives site services

🤓 Writing and translation services (translation / proofreading / writing texts and explanations) List of free online courses ✅


E-marketing services such as issuing advertising services on your site

SEO services

Planning services such as (Logo Strategy / Pictures / Videos / Presentations / Action Cards …) List of free online courses

Programming and development services (programming: Java, .Net, and Php ..)

Content interest systems services

Voice services List of free online courses

Procedures services, e-commerce, research, studies, procedures and trade guidance

Consulting services and instructions

Technology services List of free online courses

entering info List of free online courses

Internet / Windows / Android / iPhone-related services

Exercise services from a distance such as (learning programming, learning e-marketing, learning planning and learning the English language)

And other forms of services that can be provided to you, provided that you do not violate the limitations and rules of Khams Site and make money through it.

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Style and how to work on the Fives website List of free online courses

In order to start selling services and achieving returns, the most appropriate service for you to add is what you are good at professionally. List of free online courses

We want you to be unique in describing your service and providing it professionally, and you can also use Canva’s website to create a setup with premium specifications for the image that describes your service. List of free online courses

Take advantage of the possibility and review the requests sections on the lowest Fives website, in order to see the various requests from customers awaiting accident offers in order to get the assignments done. List of free online courses

Also, it is recommended that you attach support with a high invitation on the site of Five to the buyers and do a similar service to it, for example if you are fluent in English, you have a demand for translation services on the site of Five is very great. F ully funded online courses

You should also follow the five determinants and rules, and read the determinants and rules carefully so that you do not make mistakes. List of free online courses.

🔥 Create a website Fully funded online courses 💥

Fully funded online courses :  Making a website is now easy to implement, Fully funded online courses  and it is a central site with many linked pages that can be accessed through the home page using a Web browser, until you visit a specific web, the person enters the website address in the address field In your web browser, then go to the home page of the website.

🔥 Steps to make an integrated website Fully funded online courses 🤑

There are three steps in order to be able to make the website, and sometimes it is implemented by one, two or even three Fully funded online courses different people, and in order to be able to do this, you must follow the following steps:

UX Design: Fully funded online courses  In this step, you must take into account the ease of use of the site, make the complete visualization through website design paper, place it on the website and arrange the content well. Fully funded online courses

UI Design: In this step, you transfer the visualization from the previous stage of the paper to an image on your device, which includes the image design program (Photoshop) Photoshop, in this step in making the website, you must specify the color and font size for the site, and all Something by the developer.

UI Develop: Fully funded online courses  The next step is to convert Photoshop images into designed files that are coded in a special programming language in design work. As mentioned earlier, all of this should be visible to the user.

🤓   Create a free private website Fully funded online courses ✅

The idea of ​​creating a site for this is the most popular way to profit, and one of the best way on the Internet is to create a website (blog) and publish unique content on it, then visit your website and take advantage of ads or product sales with a commission.

This is a method that many people follow, and we will explain it in detail, so follow us until the end, and this may be the beginning of your work and benefit from reading this topic from the Internet. Fully funded online courses

Create a domain name, and it is the word that falls after a word, for example  Fully funded online courses

Then is the domain name or called a domain name, and you can reserve your domain name or domain name of your choice from any domain reservation company (such as Sawa4).

To install the software version on your website where you want to start sharing articles, and there are two types of publishing methods, one of them is (blogger), which is a Google product but it does not allow you to have full control over your website

In this case, you should only buy a domain name and link it to your blog for free, or WordPress this is an open source software version that you can install on your site and have full control over the site, and you can install both for free, but WordPress will also buy a domain and a hosting plan and not just a domain.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Website keywords (keyword tags) are an html element and you will find it in the source code Short online courses with certificate 🥇

If you choose Blogger with Blogger, you will not need to pay any other fees, but if you choose WordPress you will deal with any company that can offer you a hosting plan, and this is an online space you buy so that you can display what you want.

You can choose any type of programming design, many free designs can be searched for.

Create a website

Learn about … Website design in Turkey Fully funded online courses

🙂  The most important tips so that you can make the website Fully funded online courses 🥇

Think seriously about the idea of ​​a website that fits your potential so that it stems from your true interests without falling into the trap of imitating others, or make sure you have a team and budget that can implement your ideas. Fully funded online courses

You must be flexible when modifying or changing certain aspects of the website’s visibility to suit your targeted visitors.

You have to ask yourself: How will I profit from this method? For example, if your answer is Google Adsense, you should take that into account when choosing to make a website work. Fully funded online courses

You must know who is the target audience for the website’s work and what suits the nature of that audience. Fully funded online courses

If you are certain that your website is your source of income, then you should not rely solely on your personal inclinations and goals, instead tame your ideas so that they are the result of both your passions and your profits.

✨  Accredited short courses online  You should define keywords, as the more searches, the higher the value of your field, and there are three types of keywords: 💥

Accredited short courses online  : Short keywords. Medium keywords. Long keywords.

Work to improve the site internally. Accredited short courses online The keywords should be placed in the appropriate places such as “website title, description, hashtags, within the article itself”, in addition to improving the quality of the content itself, with the content being constantly renewed. Accredited short courses online

🔥  Accredited short courses online  Professional content writing: 🤑

Accredited short courses online  In order to climb to the top of the search engines on Google pages, you must write high-quality content that is compatible with SEO Accredited short courses online engines, and you should also know that building a successful blog takes a long time, so you must focus on the strengths within Accredited short courses online  yourself and choose the most profitable areas to shorten the time and effort on you.

🤓 Accredited short courses online  SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them? ✅

Accredited short courses online One of the most important external factors that affect the archiving of the site in Google search engines is the publishing of your articles or your site on the famous social media sites, in addition to creating a Accredited short courses online so-called backlink for the article.

Analyzing the results and working to improve them Accredited short courses online

Be careful to review and analyze the results in order Accredited short courses online  to reach the first page in the search engines, according to the targeted keywords.

Keep learning Accredited short courses online

In the field of SEO, there is no such thing as contentment in learning, as it is necessary to read and learn continuously and do not rely on your old information. Everything new in the field of SEO can be obtained through “blogs, courses, books.”

There are sites that really need SEO advertising only and some sites that need paid ads, while other sites need either of the two methods, the choice depends on the following matters:

The domain of the site is strong and difficult to compete.

Your site’s domain is medium or poor competition.

Advertise the sites with paid ads Accredited short courses online

This method is subject to the use of paid Google ads for the purpose of publicizing the site, and makes it the first in search engine results, as many companies and websites rely on this method.


🙂  How to advertise the site with Google paid ads Accredited short courses online 🥇

This method requires a budget in order to pay for Google ads so that your site leads the top search engines, and to create advertising campaigns targeting specific words according to the domain of your site, you will find your site may actually be the first search engine without the need for a great effort compared to the effort of competitors SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them?

Accredited short courses online . SEO and paid ads What is the difference between them? Many people want to know the difference between them. It is known that Google ads provide two types of ads, which are free Google ads and paid Google ads, so let’s get to know the difference between them and the most important advantages through this article. For more of our site click here …

Accredited short courses online  SEO

It is one of the forms of internet marketing, and it has an effective role in increasing the visibility Accredited short courses online  of the website within the search engines through indexing and website optimization.