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🙂 Take Advantage Of Home Buying Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The Colombian Government, in view of improving the quality of life of Colombian families, has implemented housing policies so that many people are in a situation of vulnerability who do not have the resources to build or buy a home they may have. options to acquire one.

Among the various subsidies that you can opt for are the following

o Social Interest Housing Subsidies

o Priority Social Interest Housing Subsidies

o Housing Subsidies at the interest rate

o Double housing subsidies

o Homeowner seedbeds subsidies

If you are interested in the information, continue reading, here you will find what you need to know about the different types of housing subsidies so that you can select the type of subsidy according to your current situation.

🤓 These are the types of housing subsidies you can apply for Subsidy of housing ✅


 In order to be able to comply with the housing plans presented in the government plan, as far as social aid is concerned, the National Government has launched with the help of financial entities a series of subsidies that can generate possible solutions in the matter of housing, These are the various types of housing subsidies that you can access.

Social Interest Housing Subsidies (VIS): these are the properties that are classified as those that meet all the requirements and standards of habitability and urbanity design corresponding to the sector, which will be around one hundred and thirty-five current legal minimum wages as maximum value.

Priority Social Interest Housing Subsidies (VIP): in this type of subsidy, homes are classified as social interest, which cannot exceed a value of seventy current legal minimum wages

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Look, you can opt for the financing plan for home purchase offered by BBVA through housing leasing Subsidy of housing 🙂

Double housing subsidies: this type of subsidy allows the opting person to apply for the housing subsidy benefit both in the compensation fund and in the government subsidies.

🔥 Subsidies of seedbeds of owners: 🤑


 it is a project that is directed to the housing issue but in terms of leasing with purchase option where you can choose any of the subsidies offered, as long as it suits your needs, this program consists of the beneficiary makes the payment of a rental fee fee and they must allocate a second part to be able to constitute the savings of the initial one, the selected applicants will be able to enjoy the benefit for a period of two years.

✨  If you are interested in any of the subsidy options offered by the Government of Subsidy of housing 💥


Colombia, you only have to enter the web portal of the institution where you are going to apply for the subsidy, you will have to register and apply to any of the solution plans of housing offered by the entity, meet the requirements they demand and be able to start the dream of acquiring a home in less than what you imagine, take advantage of the subsidies to buy a home offered by the National Government.