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🙂 Subsidy of housing accesses the housing subsidies offered by Bancolombia 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : Subsidy of housing   is another of the banking entities that have joined the subsidy program that the Colombian government has proposed in order to provide housing solutions to the community, if you want to qualify for the housing subsidies offered by Bancolombia, then this information that you We will leave below you may be interested, this bank gives you the opportunity to acquire a new home as long as the commercial value of the property is greater than the 135 legal minimum wages in force as a minimum amount and as a maximum amount you have 335 minimum wages current legal regulations.

🤓  Regarding the interest rate subsidy, it must be taken into account that it will apply in the Subsidy of housing  ✅


first 7 years of the loan, either mortgage or housing leasing, one of the important aspects is that the subsidies granted by Bancolombia will only cover those applicants who have not received any type of subsidy before and that this has not been under the interest rate modality and especially that they have not been beneficiaries of some type of subsidy from the State, one of the possibilities offered by this bank is that you can To qualify for subsidies with the Mi Casa Ya program, it is essential that potential beneficiaries meet a series of requirements that this bank requests in order to be selected as a beneficiary of housing subsidies

🔥  These are the requirements to qualify for the Bancolombia housing subsidies 🤑

The way to apply for the housing subsidy available to the community, Bancolombia requests that a series of requirements be met in order to be able to evaluate and provide the opportunity to those who have the need to buy a home, here we leave you the requirements requested by Bancolombia to make the formal application for the housing subsidy through the Mi Casa Ya subsidy program

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Look, you can opt for the financing plan for home purchase offered by BBVA through housing leasing Subsidy of housing 🙂

1. The first fundamental requirement is that the applicant does not appear within the system as the owner of a property

2. The applicant must bear in mind that he cannot appear in the system as a beneficiary of a subsidy either by the national government or by any of the family compensation funds.

3. It is important that the applicant has a household made up of 2 or more people

4. The income of the family nucleus of the person who is requesting the subsidy must be between 2 to 4 legal minimum wages in force

✨ It is possible that the institution requires other additional documentation with which you   💥


must comply, once you have managed the request for the subsidy the entity will proceed to carefully evaluate each of the requirements and if selected they will proceed to send you the information so that you can comply the dream of being able to buy a house and thus be able to improve your quality of life, do not wait any longer, it is time to fulfill your dream and process the housing subsidy offered by Bancolombia in conjunction with the Mi Casa Ya subsidy program