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🙂 Linking with a Facebook account Short online courses with certificates 🥇

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates : Congratulations, Short online courses with certificates. You have got an Instagram account! But it is not a commercial account yet! To transfer the account to a commercial account, click on the three-line horizontal icon in the upper corner of your account page, as shown in the image below

🤓 Instagram account transferred to a business account Short online courses with certificates ✅

Now click on Settings, scroll down and choose Account, from here scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Switch to Professional Account

Transferring an Instagram account to a business account

Now after clicking on the Continue button, a screen will appear for you to choose the appropriate Catagory Short online courses with certificates classification for your business, choose the classification that is related or closest to your work if you do not find the classification of your activity among the categories.

Choose the rating of the trading account on Instagram

Then choose if you are a content creator or business, and click Next

🔥 Congratulations, you have a business Instagram account ready Short online courses with certificates!  🤑

Tips to improve the trading account on Instagram

Here are some tips to optimize your trading account to get the best start on Instagram

Optimizing your Instagram Bio profile

Profile of 150 characters (maximum) Try to exploit each letter to attract customers and encourage them to follow you, you can encourage users to take a specific action, such as using a specific hashtag hashtag or visiting your website.

Your Bio is the only place Short online courses with certificates on Instagram where you can add a clickable URL link and directive location outside of the Instagram platform.

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Use the correct sizes for pictures

Since we know that Instagram is a visual platform in the first place, so it is important to use correct measurements for the profile picture, the photos of the posts on Instagram, and even the stories and videos as well, you can learn more from this guide on the sizes of images in Instagram and social media in general.

Include hashtags

It is also important to use tags Short online courses with certificates to help you reach the largest possible number of users on Instagram. You can include tags in the text portion of images, in stories, or even in your business account profile on Instagram.

You can use this tool to do a keyword search on the most important tags related to your business, just enter words related to your services and the tool will show you the most important and most popular used tags

* Make sure that the Arabic language is selected in the tool.

Finally, comment control

Receiving feedback is exciting and great, but some comments may conflict with brand values ​​or offend your audience.

Using this feature of Instagram, you can hide comments associated with specific keywords or phrases. To do this, you must enter the specified words and phrases in the Instagram settings and turn on the feature.

From the settings menu, choose Privacy, then go to comments, activate manual filters, and add words that you consider offensive and do not want to see them in the comments.

Control comments on Instagram Short online courses with certificates

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If you are looking for more tips to increase followers on Instagram, you can read this article

Marketing method on Instagram

When thinking about marketing on Instagram and like any other social media platform, you should start creating an Instagram strategy for your business.

Your Instagram marketing strategy will work better if you have a clear goal, tactics built on that goal and follow your progress along the way so you can adjust your business Instagram strategy when needed.

✨ Instagram strategy Short online courses with certificates 💥

First, define your goals for using Instagram

Goals and goals are one of the most important pillars of any business marketing plan, so before you start posting on Instagram, ask yourself why are you on Instagram? Think about a clear answer to this question specifically, and make sure that your goals are measurable and defined by a logical period of time (for example, I want to get 500 followers within three months) in addition to a strong link between these goals and your business.