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🙂 Learn how to access subsidy programs to buy a home at low installments Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The Subsidy of housing  national government has invested great efforts in order to provide effective solutions regarding the housing issue, among the financial entities that offer the possibility of acquiring a home at low fees is Mi Casa Ya, this institution offers the possibility that many households can acquire a decent home and thus improve their quality of life.


🤓  Among the programs provided by Mi Casa Ya, for the purchase of housing at low fees is  ✅


the social rental program, this program can be accessed by all people regardless of the type of social stratum to which they belong, it is essential that people who If you want to opt for this low-installment financing plan to buy a home, keep in mind that it only applies to new homes and one of the fundamental requirements is that potential beneficiaries have monthly income between 1 to 4 legal minimum wages in force.

These are the types of homes that you can buy at low installments through the Mi Casa Ya program

🔥  In general, the financial entity Mi Casa Ya has two types of housing for this program. 🤑


1. Social interest housing (VIS) if you want to opt for this type of housing you have to bear in mind that the value of the home must be greater than the 70 current legal monthly minimum wages and less than the 135 current legal monthly minimum wages, the coverage will be 4 percentage points.

2. Priority Interest Homes (VIP) If you are interested in this type of home, you must bear in mind that the value of the home cannot exceed the 70 legal monthly minimum wages in force.

✨  In this way you can access the program offered by Mi Casa Ya to buy a home at low installments 💥


All people who are interested in applying for this type of financing plan must enter the website of the Ministry of Housing, city and territory, once you have entered what you have to do is select the plans of the Mi Casa Ya program, then You must select the type of home, at this point select the one that best suits your economic needs, once this is done the next thing you should do is move to the National Savings Fund, there you must consign the documentation that this entity requires, they They will proceed to verify if the information and documents entered are legal and if there is no false information, in case everything is in order, the entity will contact you in case you are one of those selected, once the credit by the National Savings Fund, the same entity will be in charge of requesting the allocation of the subsidy and other procedures that have to be done to e you can be the owner of the chosen home, easy and simple, do not waste time and fulfill the dream of a home of your own.