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🙂 Learn about the home purchase credit benefits offered by Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : In order to provide housing solutions, banks have implemented financing systems that provide the opportunity for many Colombians to acquire a home and thus improve their quality of life, Av Villas is one of the banks that offers the opportunity that those interested in acquiring a home may have the possibility of buying through loans for home purchase, among the benefits that it offers you can obtain a reduction in interest rates, the study carried out by the bank is carried out in the least Possible time, this can be estimated between approximately 4 to 6 business days once the applicants have delivered the documentation and have the possibility of presenting up to 4 applicants for credits.

🤓  In this way you can request the pre-approval of the credits to buy a home in the AV Villas bank  ✅


The AV Villas Bank offers two types of loans to buy a home, these types are in UVR and in Colombian pesos, it is important that people who are interested in requesting either of the two modalities keep in mind the deadlines, in the event that you opt for

🔥  The peso modality has a term of 60 months to 180 months, as regards the UVR modality, it has a term between 60 months and 240 months. 🤑

A very important piece of information is that once the bank has pre-approved a home purchase loan, the opting party has a period of 120 days to be able to make the selection of the home they wish to purchase.

✨  These are the requirements that you must consign for the application for loans to buy a home offered by the AV Villas bank 💥


This banking entity handles several requirements to be eligible for a home purchase loan, these will depend on the type of work and condition of the loan applicant, since the financing methods it offers are available to employees or salaried employees, independent workers and pensioners or retirees, among the basic requirements that are indispensable are:

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Get to know the Loans to Buy a Home offered by Bancolombia Subsidy of housing 🥇

• All those who wish to apply for the loan to buy a home must be of legal age from 18 years onwards up to a maximum of 70 years

• They must request the credit with a minimum amount of 3,200 usd

• Applicants for the home purchase loan must have at least a current legal minimum wage

• The commercial amount of the new home must be equal to or greater than 6,300 usd

• The commercial amount of the used home must be equal to or greater than 9,400 usd

• They must process the link request form, this can be processed through the entity’s web portal or at the bank’s offices.

• They must present a photostatic copy of the identity document which must be printed at 150% scale.