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🙂 Know the requirements for used housing subsidies 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : As everyone knows to be able to apply for a housing subsidy, certain requirements must be met, not all entities that offer the benefit of the subsidy use the same selection mechanism as regards the housing subsidies used for the approval of said benefit. One case that we can mention is that of the National Savings Fund, said entity is one of those that currently approves more housing subsidies, you enter that are in charge of providing this same housing benefit.

🤓  It should be noted that this institution puts at your disposal a list of houses that cover  ✅

Various ranges of availability, that is, you will find properties that adjust to the various salaries that people receive, as there are subsidies for those that are in the lower range of 8 minimum salaries and for people who have a range greater than 8 minimum salaries

In order to be eligible for the subsidy, 4 more requirements must be specified in addition to those that are regularly required, among which we will mention you below

1. All Colombians must belong or in other words be affiliated with the National Savings Fund, at this point it is highlighted that they must have been affiliated for at least one year, this is a guarantee that this institution requires in order to be able to guarantee the fulfillment of the credit loan.

2. Citizenship is one of the aspects that this entity considers important, which means that if you apply for the housing subsidy before this body you must present your Colombian ID, otherwise you will not be eligible for the credit loan.

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3. Another point that you must take into consideration is the income guarantee, this will indicate the amount of money that you earn monthly, and based on this is that the calculation of the amount that you will obtain for the benefit of the subsidy will be made, this can be presented either through a letter or official letter issued from the company or institution where you work in which they specify the monthly amount you earn or through what is known as an income statement.

🔥 Finally, the territorial space is important, people who wish to acquire this type of benefit 🤑

must reside within the cities where the National Savings Fund offers the subsidy, such is the case of the cities of Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Cartagena, Cali, Cartagena, Pereira and other main cities of the Colombian territory

✨  Now, once you have made the request, what proceeds is for the National Savings Fund to  💥

carry out the first step, which is the socioeconomic study, which may take at least 10 days, and then the beneficiaries will have to wait a period of approximately 60 days so that they can receive the news of the credit disbursement, it is a fact that you can acquire a home without complications, it does not matter if it is new or used, you just have to meet the requirements that are legally required of you and that’s it.