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List of free online courses

List of free online courses : The internal links (internal links) is a website hyperlink inside the source code (source code) and lead to other pages within the same site .

To view the code of a page, type CTRL + U and to locate the links, type CTRL + F, type in the box <a href = ”and search for the domain name of your site.

Internal links help divide the SEO value of your site pages and rank them in terms of search engines.

🤓  Linking Pins List of free online courses ✅

Make sure you divide the pages of your site based on their correlation into main and secondary , giving this hierarchy the depth needed depending on the number of pages on the site. Then link the main pages / articles to secondary ones via internal links  to give the bots a clear signal about their value List of free online courses and the keywords they contain.

The highest value (Link Value) of hyperlinks has the home page of your site. So to share this value, add internal links to your homepage that lead to the most important pages you want to highlight based on the categorization mentioned above.

To List of free online courses get a complete picture of the internal link hierarchy, link your site to Google ‘s search console . Select any of your domains and from the sidebar Links -> Internal Links -> More to see the internal links that each page of the site receives and Export data to download the data to. csv or google sheets files.

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Place the internal links you want to get the most clicks at the top of the pages or texts you post. So users are more likely to select them and increase the pages per session and session duration, which are indicators of SEO evaluation of your website.

Add internal links to older articles or pages on your site in order to highlight targeted pages and always based on the inclusion of older pages in the ranking model you now use.

Incoming Links


🔥  The incoming List of free online courses links a website ( backlinks ) are hyperlinks to third party websites that link to your site. 🤑

To see the backlinks connect your site with the Google search console . Select from the sidebar Links -> Top linking sites -> More to see the sites from which you receive backlinks and Export data to download the data to. csv or google sheets files.

Incoming links are perhaps the most important of a site evaluation factor and ideally should come from sites that have high traffic and ranking on search engines and direct relationship with the subject or theme of your site.

💥  Backlink Icon on Handshake List of free online courses ✨

Write quality articles and guides on issues that concern your audience. Then ask (via email or your network of contacts) from targeted sites to give you inbound links.

Find through google analytics or any other data analysis platform the articles that have historically had the most traffic and optimize them to make them more attractive and entice third parties to refer to them with links to their site.

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Add links to your site to all the social media you manage and the posts you plan to increase your website traffic.

Do not hesitate to ask for links from informative pages and sites in which your site is advertised and suggest them to write articles in them so that with your knowledge and expertise you can gain the coveted backlink.