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🙂 In this way you can access the Stratum 1 and 2 Housing Subsidy granted by the Colombian Government 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : In order to be able to provide social guarantees to the neediest people, the Colombian government implemented government subsidies for people who are within social strata 1 and 2, this government program seeks to provide social assistance through subsidies so that those most vulnerable people can have the opportunity to acquire a home and thus improve the quality of life of needy families.

Among the programs that have stratum 1 and 2 housing subsidies is the social rental program which can finance up to an estimated amount of approximately 34 usd on a monthly basis, in addition to the beneficiaries who are Enjoying this benefit, the interest rate coverage will be granted, such percentage will be assumed by the State and to complete the benefit, a lower monthly installment of the mortgage loan will be presented,

🤓 Subsidy of housing  which will be paid by the institution that grants such subsidy. ✅

One of the most important aspects that people who wish to opt for the stratum 1 and 2 housing subsidy have to bear in mind is that the possible beneficiaries must have an affiliation to unemployment or must have a contractual voluntary savings quota in the National Fund Savings and, in addition, they must have monthly income that does not exceed the 4 legal minimum wages in force.

🔥 Learn about the housing options that you can access once you have opted for the stratum 1 and 2 housing subsidy 🤑

One of the important aspects that potential beneficiaries of the stratum 1 and 2 housing subsidy should know is that they will have to pay 10% of the value of the house, and you will be able to continue paying the value of the total house in a term that is between the 5 at age 30, for its part, the National Savings Fund will make a contribution of approximately 90% so that the beneficiary can finish paying off the value of the home, it is emphasized that the applicant must bear in mind that he must choose a priority interest home better known as VIP to be eligible for this benefit.

✨ There is a second option for the acquisition of housing in case you cannot find a house of Subsidy of housing 💥

priority interest, you can opt for a housing of social interest, the way to start the process of this type of housing subsidies stratum 1 and 2, is that the person who wishes to carry out the procedure must go to the financial institution of their choice, at this point it is important to highlight that the entity must be one of those that are affiliated as entities authorized to grant the benefit of subsidies, one of the The best choices are to carry out the procedure through the National Savings Fund.