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🙂 Get to know the Loans to Buy a Home offered by Bancolombia Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : There are many banks that currently offer loans for the purchase of a home, among the prestigious ones, we find Bancolombia which offers you the financing to fulfill the dream of having a decent home, here we leave you the information you need so that you can choose any of the credits offered by this financial institution.

🤓  Look at the benefits that Bancolombia offers you within the financing or credit plans for the purchase of a home ✅


One of the characteristics offered by this banking entity is that you can opt for loans to buy a home, whether it is new, used, rural or urban, regardless of the type of stratum to which you belong, among the benefits that Bancolombia offers you for the purchase credit of housing are the following:

 Applicants must bear in mind that the credits offered by this bank can represent a saving of almost 30%

 The optants may have the option to change the modality either UVR to Colombian pesos or vice versa from Colombian pesos to UVR

 The studies that are required are carried out at no cost

 You can make either extra payments, advances in the cancellation of the installments or make the advance payment without any type of penalties

 The financial institution guarantees personalized advice, it is not necessary to have intermediaries

 The optants have the possibility to make changes in the payment dates, this means that they can change or decrease the deadlines for the cancellation of the credit

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 Few institutions offer flexibility regarding the cancellation, amortization of the capital received

 They will be able to obtain access to the rate coverage offered by the National Government through the Frech program

🔥  Look at the amounts that can be obtained if you opt for a home purchase loan at Bancolombia 🤑

 One of the important aspects that you must keep in mind when opting for one of the loans to buy a home offered by Bancolombia is that the commercial value of the home must be at least 40 current legal minimum wages, depending on the type of home you can have a good and wide coverage, such may be the case if you want to buy a low-income home, the coverage can reach up to 80% of the value of the selected home.

Another aspect that can favor you considerably is that at the time of paying the first installment it will not exceed 30% of the minimum salary that the applicant receives, and the term is estimated at a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 20 years for cancellation of credit to buy a home, this limit For credits granted in pesos and for credits granted with

✨  UVR financing, the maximum limit is approximately 30 years Subsidy of housing 💥


Remember to keep in mind that there are other types of procedures and documentation that are essential to carry out that will have an additional cost, such may be the case of the appraisal, deed and degree studies.