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😂 Did you know that there is a rural housing subsidy? 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : Among the social protection programs that the States implement in order to be able to provide legal guarantees to the citizens who live there, we find rural housing subsidies, these contributions are especially for people who are in conditions of extreme poverty or are classified as as highly vulnerable people, they must live in rural areas.

This rural housing subsidy is exclusive for the purchase of a home, for the reconstruction and improvement or construction of the same, this mechanism implemented by the State seeks to provide those who for economic reasons do not have such resources, a housing solution that allows you to improve your current standard of living.

✅   Types of rural housing subsidies Subsidy of housing 🙂

• The rural housing subsidy for purchase

• Rural housing subsidy for construction of new buildings

• Rural housing subsidies for the improvement of deteriorated properties or its expansion

Requirements that must be met to qualify for the rural housing subsidy

It is important that you know that not everyone can request this benefit, because for this, the entities or organizations must verify your economic status, on the other hand, you must take into account what type of subsidy you want to make the request.

In the case of rural housing subsidies for the reconstruction, expansion or improvement of housing, the following aspects must be borne in mind:

• A report must be presented in which you establish the deficiencies that the house presents in terms of the foundation system, sewage system and sewerage, at this point you must be as detailed as possible.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 In this way you can access the Stratum 1 and 2 Housing Subsidy granted by the Colombian Government 🥇

🤓  Among the housing solution options offered are the following rural housing subsidies: 🤑


• These organizations take into account the deficiencies that the house presents in the bathroom or kitchen system (you must describe the deficit that this presents)

• In relation to the state of the floor, whether or not it has ceramic

• The roof (if it is made of tin, asphalt, wood or scraps)

• This point is important to describe the number of people who live in each room, this will help determine if it is a critical area or not.

💥 How to apply for the rural housing subsidy 🔥


The first thing you should do is establish well what type of rural housing subsidy you need, once you make your choice you must present a project in which you will expose the housing needs that you present, this project must be presented to the authorized and recognized entities by the state in this matter.

These in turn will indicate all the requirements that you must present, completing each of the required precautions, the entities will verify that they comply with the provisions of the law and will proceed to initiate the process to grant the rural housing subsidy.

People eligible to opt for the rural housing allowance

Any person who possesses their nationality, who owns housing in a state of deterioration in a rural area, natural persons who do not own housing but who live in rural areas or own a land in said area, be of legal age, who have a family nucleus established independently of their marital status, they can qualify for the benefit of rural housing subsidies.