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✨ The difference between e-marketing and digital marketing Free Certificate Courses 💥

Free Certificate Courses : There is no doubt that there is a difference between e-marketing Free Certificate Courses and digital marketing, as e-marketing is more general and comprehensive than digital marketing, and digital marketing is part of e-marketing, and e-marketing and digital marketing are two sides of the same coin, and their primary goal is marketing, regardless of the marketing method, Regardless of the speed of response and the type of marketing reaching individuals Free Certificate Courses

🔥 Free Certificate Courses  What is marketing 🤑

Before knowing Free Certificate Courses  the differences between e-marketing and digital marketing as well as their similarities, Free Certificate Courses  it is necessary to know the meaning of the word marketing in general, and we will learn the meaning of marketing in detail. Free Certificate Courses

As marketing is some of the activities carried out by Free Certificate Courses  the owners of large companies aiming for profit, in order to reach their products to the largest number of the audience, and to ensure that their needs are met with maximum profits.

✅  Free Certificate Courses  The difference between e-marketing and digital marketing 🤓

What is meant by digital marketing: Free Certificate Courses  With the developments that have occurred and the whole world has become dependent on the Internet, whether for education, work, or even for entertainment, Free Certificate Courses  this type of marketing has emerged, which is electronic marketing.

E-marketing Free Certificate Courses  can be defined as that type of marketing that completely depends on the use of the Internet, as all types of advertising for this type of marketing are based on the use of the latest means through the Internet, including various social media.

Among the most famous social media that advertise are: WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many other social media, and e-marketing competes with digital marketing, as it is the most general and comprehensive. Free Certificate Courses

Despite the ease and low cost of this type of marketing, many companies still use traditional methods of promoting and marketing their products. Free Certificate Courses

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🙂  Digital marketing Free Certificate Courses 🥇

Despite the developments that have occurred in all countries, Free Certificate Courses  there is a large class of people who adhere to their customs even if they become old, and Free Certificate Courses

Digital marketing can be defined as that type of marketing that is done by relying on the use of traditional means of media and advertising, and digital marketing is considered an integral part of e-marketing, with differences between the two types.

Digital marketing is based on advertisements and audio-visual advertising, through traditional sites and forums, such as: television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and many other means that existed previously.

After the development of the world and the emergence of the Internet, Free Certificate Courses digital marketing also includes the Internet, but not as comprehensively as e-marketing.

The extent to which the two types of marketing reach individuals

After knowing the difference between e-marketing and digital marketing, as it became clear that there are many differences between them, there must also be a difference in the speed of access to the types of marketing to the public, as follows:

Through e-marketing:

The extent of e-marketing reach to individuals is not known, as e-marketing determines the category that the advertising wants to reach, where when you want to attract a large number.

A video downloader program that has become one of the most prevalent things in recent times and is not limited to YouTube, although it is the most popular video program, but the publication of videos was not only dependent on it, but videos have become a fashion that flares up in all social media, and it is modern today and is considered a language of expression for a generation Modern technology.

What is KeepVid

Cape Video is one of the most popular video download programs and the most smooth to use, and it is one of the most important video download programs and has many features that make it to the top of the list of programs, and through the article we can learn about the most important features of the program.

You can benefit from .. Motion Graphics

Cape Feed || features Video downloader program

Smooth when using, the first feature is that the Keep Feed program is easy to use, and there is no difficulty in dealing with it, or even during its first use, it does not require previous experience to use it.

Supports several operating systems, the Cape Vid program is almost the only program that supports multiple operating systems as it is one of the powerful programs that have become famous in the arena because it supports Android, iPhone and even iOS phones operating system.

🥇 Comprehensive electronic marketing Free Certificate Courses 🙂

Free Certificate Courses  : Digital Marketing, SEO. Free Certificate Courses . You are now living in the time of e-marketing, you will not be able to work and ignore the capabilities of e-marketing. Free Certificate Courses

If you are a business owner and interested in spreading your business scope, or you are a person looking in the field of marketing and gaining experiences

And learn this science.

You should follow all articles on e-marketing on our website.

Question you must answer? Can you live without internet?

The Internet is an integral part of our lives, and everyone on Earth is now part of this network.

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✅ Free Certificate Courses  The importance of electronic marketing in the phrase:

The Internet is where your customers and clients are. 🤓


Free Certificate Courses What is E-Marketing?

In English, “Online Marketing”

Free Certificate Courses  It is any action you do that is directed to the benefit of your business from “a product, content, or service to increase your company’s sales and ensure an increase in profits.”

Your way to your next or potential customer via e-marketing.

By going back to the past years, we find that the field of Internet marketing has made successive leaps of developments and updates that made it one of the first areas in the world, and the income of the electronic marketer in America during the year 2019 reached $ 80,000 annually, which makes it one of the first jobs in the world.

Several companies have provided free services in exchange for entering the world of e-marketing to become a part

It is imposed on business owners to market their products through it.

🔥 Free Certificate Courses  And now these companies are among the largest companies in the world profits, including: 🤑

1- Facebook, where it announced its profits for the last quarter of 2018, which amounted to 6.88 billion dollars Free Certificate Courses

2- Google, during the end of 2018, its profits were $ 39.1 billion. Free Certificate Courses

And a lot of companies such as Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other advertising companies within the Internet. Free Certificate Courses

In addition, online stores such as Amazon and Ebay are added.

💥 Free Certificate Courses  Advantages of electronic marketing? ✨

1- E-marketing facilitates direct contact with a potential customer or client:

E-marketing tools provide you with the ability to shorten distances and communicate with the customer to display your product.

You can also provide full support to your customers and solve all their problems online.

And taking important feedback from your customers, including additions and suggestions, develops your workflow

2- E-marketing secures a new space for you:

The timing and location are no longer an obstacle between you and the customer, new customers are waiting for you

3- E-marketing is the weapon of competitors:

The largest and most powerful gathering of your customers is in the internet arena, where the number of internet users in January 2019 is about 4.5 billion people around the world

Half of the earth’s population is present on the Internet every day. If you started exploiting e-marketing, you have not started yet, so your competitors have already started.

Never miss an opportunity to get new clients for your business. Free Certificate Courses

4- E-marketing: making the Internet a place for everything to exist.

The customer will only search for the product on the internet. Free Certificate Courses

If you are not present, effectively, strong and completely within the Internet, your customers will have thousands of other opportunities from companies that compete with you.

5- E-marketing and choosing the right business for you: Free Certificate Courses

The Internet always collects information, data and details that pertain to every Internet user Free Certificate Courses

This allows you to choose the right business for you and the one most interested in your product or similar to your product. Free Certificate Courses

You will only pay for clients who are really important to your business and services.

6- E-marketing and data analysis:

In this field, there are many tools capable of analyzing all customer data

Enable you to choose the right client.

✨ Free Online Courses Paid internship with the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland 💥

Free Online Courses : The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) announces Free Online Courses the provision of a practical training opportunity in Geneva, Switzerland, which is offered to undergraduate students who study management and are looking for a practical training period or a place where they can complete a project to graduate them. Where they will be able to spend a period ranging between two to 12 months within the organization during their study period, whether at the bachelor’s or master’s level.

Free Online Courses  Training can  be in any of the following disciplines: translation, human resources, advanced secretarial work, business administration, logistics, law, finance, accounting, library and information science, engineering management, scientific communication, education, audiovisual aids, communications and public relations, Psychology, and review. However, these are a few examples of areas in which trainees will learn more about and contribute their information.

🔥  Free Online Courses  Criteria for applying for training: 🤑

Free Online Courses  The applicant must be a citizen of one of the member states or affiliated with the European Organization for Nuclear Research, which can be found here. Free Online Courses

The applicant must have completed at least 18 months of his undergraduate program (Bachelor’s or Master’s) with a major in an administrative field in December 2020.

The training will last for a period of between two and 12 months, during which the trainee must remain registered as a full-time student.

Free Online Courses  Good knowledge of English or French.

Please note that if the applicant is studying any of the disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, he will be ineligible to apply for this training, and as an alternative, he can apply for the technical training program, which can be viewed from here.

✅  Free Online Courses Advantages offered: 🤓

A contract that ranges from 2 to 12 months.

A monthly stipend of 3,319 Swiss francs net after tax.

Travel allowance.

Depending on the personal circumstances of the trainee, additional benefits may be provided if he is married with children.

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A comprehensive health insurance system whose contribution is deducted from the salary provided.

Paid leave for two and a half days per month, for those who have contracts of no less than four months.

Supporting documents required:

🙂  Free Online Courses  The applicant will need the following documents in PDF format to complete his application: 🥇

Resume. Free Online Courses

A copy of the most recent academic record that provides an overview of his grades (and in the event that the applicant downloads this record from his university’s website, he must ensure that there is no protection on the file so that it can be opened. Free Online Courses

A reference letter from a university professor to the applicant, and if he has another reference from a previous training, he can add it as a second reference. However, the applicant may download the reference letter himself while submitting your application, or it can be sent by the same reference via the link that the applicant will receive shortly after submitting his application. Free Online Courses

About CERN:

Free Online Courses  It is considered the world’s largest laboratory for particle physics, where the organization operates several large international laboratories, the most famous of which is the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). CERN was established in 1952 at the borders between Switzerland and France, and it was called at that time the European Consulate for Nuclear Research, then on September 29, 1954 its name changed to the European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the number of member states reached 20, and in it was the beginning of the World Wide Web. The organization’s main function is to Free Online Courses provide particle accelerators and other infrastructure needed for high energy physics research.

💥 Free Online Courses  Fully Funded Fellowship for Explore Italy Projects from Harvard Center in Italy for the year 2020 🔥

Free Online Courses : The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies offers Free Online Courses the Berenson Fellowship that lasts for four or six months for entrepreneurial scholars that focus on dialogues across national boundaries between Italy and other cultures, such as: Latin America, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and others during the Renaissance in the period between Fourteenth century and seventeenth century. Free Online Courses  The center also encourages researchers working in all the fields it supports, such as architecture, arts, history, philosophy, literature, music and science history, to apply. Up to four fellowships will be awarded each year.

🤑 Free Online Courses  Fellowship admission criteria: 🔥

Free Online Courses  Possess a PhD degree at the time of application.

Applicants must have a good command of the English language and be familiar with Italian Free Online Courses.

Free Online Courses  Priority will be given to researchers early and mid-career.

The center welcomes applications from researchers from all countries, and pays special attention to candidates who do not have regular access to research materials and facilities in Italy.

Given the residential nature of the fellowship, fellows must live in the Florence area and spend at least three days a week in the center.

Applicants must indicate their preference between fall (September to December), and winter spring (January through June).

Fellows may not undertake any other work during any part of their fellowship period such as teaching even if the work is part-time.

🤓  Free Online Courses Funding: ✅

Free Online Courses  The colleague gets a salary of $ 4,200 a month.

One-time financial support of $ 1500 at most to cover travel expenses. Free Online Courses

The fellow will be given a one-bedroom apartment with free rent when possible, and the fellow shall bear the utility fee. If the apartment is not available, an amount will be  Free Online Courses provided to help cover the rental costs.

Fellows enjoy all the perks of the Harvard Center, including use of Biblioteca Berenson seven days a week and lunch with other mates Monday through Friday. In the short term, colleagues do not have an office or lessons, but will have their own in the library itself.

The accepted fellow is responsible for obtaining the visa before travel and health coverage.

🙂  Free Online Courses About Harvard University’s Center for Italian Renaissance Studies: 🥇

Free Online Courses  The Harvard Center for Italian Renaissance Studies, known as I TATTI, is a center for advanced research in the human sciences, specializing in studies and Free Online Courses research related to the Italian Renaissance. The center is located in Florence, Italy, and belongs to Harvard University. It houses a library and art collection, and is a site for Italian and English gardens. Villa I Tatti is situated on an estate of olive groves, vineyards and gardens on the border of Florence and the cities of Fiesole and Settignano.

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