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🥇 The 20 worst passwords of 2021 Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Violation of email / FTP, social media & bank accounts is now a very common phenomenon and this is because most users do NOT pay due attention to the use of strong passwords and tactics to secure their personal data.

See the list of the 25 worst passwords  Online Certificate Programs for 2021 and tips for security & use of strong passwords.

If you do not take seriously the use of strong passwords in your daily life, then you run the risk of malicious hackers or automatic robots that steal passwords!

The result; Theft of personal data, sending spam or emails infected with viruses & malware, uploading phishing sites to websites, etc.

Using difficult passwords, you secure your email, your accounts on Social Networks and access to your Web Banking, etc.

The recent example of the breach of 48 million Adobe customer accounts is the best proof that even giant companies can fall victim to hackers and the only thing that can help is the use of strong passwords!

🤓  According to SplashData research,  these are the 20 worst passwords Online Certificate Programs used in 2021. ✅

1. 123456

2 . password

3. 12345678

4. qwerty

5. abc123

6. 123456789

7. 111111

8. 1234567

9. iloveyou

10.  123123

11. admin

12 . 1234567890

13. letmein

14 . 1234

15 . monkey

16. shadow

17. sunshine

18. 12345

19. password1

20. princess

We recommend avoiding common words and phrases as replacing letters with similar numbers (such as “3” instead of “E”) is not an effective strategy.

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Instead, use random word phrases separated by spaces or dashes, and set different passwords, at least for your most sensitive accounts.

You can also use long codes (eg 12 digits) in lowercase and Latin letters, numbers and at least one symbol (eg! @ # $% & *).

Password management programs such as  LastPass ,  SplashID,  and the free KeePass  open source software  can also help, as you only need to remember a single master password (or none at all).

🤑  Mandatory confirmation of data in .COM, .NET, .ORG domains 🔥

From 1/1/2021, confirmation of the Owner details of .com, .net, etc. domains is required, in each one domain registration or change of Owner details.

Pay special attention to this article, so as not to deactivate your .com domain!

✨ Confirm data in .COM, .NET, .ORG domains Online Certificate Programs 💥

In short, the changes in the gTLD domains, from 1-1-2021

Now, every New Domain Registration or Change of Owner details requires Confirmation of Owner details .

The same if a reminder email (for information update or domain expiration), returns non-delivery to the ICANN Registry .

The Registry sends an  email  to the address email of the Holder and the holder has  15 days  to  press the confirmation  link  (link) to be found in the email, otherwise the domain  will stop functioning .

If the domain owner’s email is no longer valid , you must change it immediately .

Log in to the domain management environment and update the details of the Owner.

Read more about confirming .COM domains .