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🥇 OpenStack aspires to bring independence in cloud hosting Short online courses with certificates 🙂

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates : OpenStack  is an open-source cloud hosting platform that hopes to compete with cloud solutions such as Microsoft and  VMware . RackSpace is coordinating the project and donating the code it holds to the OpenStack project, which will also incorporate Nebula Cloud Platform technology developed by NASA.

Using Open Short online courses with certificates Stack software every company will be able to turn their physical hardware into an internally distributed hybrid cloud platform. This new open source solution will be distributed under an Apache License and maintained by a non-profit organization.

According to its executives, OpenStack aims to free cloud hosting from dependency on one provider, as in the future customers will want complete independence and the ability to move and expand their cloud infrastructure between different providers.

OpenStack seems like a great idea at the right time. Dell has said it will support OpenStack in its systems for developing open source cloud applications, but will likely need more hardware providers – such as IBM and HP – if it is to gain the foothold and acceptance it aspires to have. Several companies such as Intel, Citrix, Riptano , Dell,, AMD and Scalr have already signed up for the new platform.

🤓  The project aspires to be done for cloud computing that Android Short online courses with certificates for smartphone operating systems. ✅


Google launches URL Shortening service!

Google ‘s new url shortener service is now  available to the public ! There are many shorteners with amazing features, so we wonder if we really need one more.

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Google states that it built with an emphasis on quality, so that every time a user shortens a URL, they know it will work, it will work fast and it will keep working.

Also know that when it clicks on an abbreviated address with, its computer will be protected from malware, phishing and spam using the same state-of-the-art technology used by Google and its other services (Gmail, Chrome, etc.) .

🤑  google url shortener Short online courses with certificates 🔥 💥

In short focusing on the triptych Stability (uptime close to 100%), Security (automatic spam detection as in Gmail) and Speed ​​(speed more than doubled in 9 months), it hopes to gain even more users with this service.

Additionally, if you sign in to your Google Account, you will see a list of URLs that you have shortened in the past and a “details” button next to any shortcuts to find complete and real-time statistics, with the traffic generated , top referrers and visitor profiles. This can be a great way to see in depth who cares about your links, how they found them and when they read them!