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🥇 Marketing on Instagram Short online courses with certificates 🙂

Short online courses with certificates

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Since its first appearance in 2010, Instagram has invaded the world, so that at the present time you expect that everyone has an Instagram account, this platform has developed significantly and at an incredible speed and has transformed Instagram from a simple photo-sharing app to a comprehensive digital marketing channel !

You may have recently noticed the attack of brands in our Arab world on Instagram and the use of Instagram as one of the pillars of their marketing strategies on communication platforms, and this is not in vain, but for the quality of this platform and its terrifying statistics:

🤓 The number of Instagram users in the world every month is more than a billion  Short online courses with certificates ✅

More than 80 million users in the Arab world

13.5 million  Instagram users in Egypt

15 million Instagram users in Saudi Arabia

4.7 million Instagram users in the UAE

12 million users on Instagram, Iraq

About 7 million users in Algeria

2.5 million Instagram users in Jordan

90% of Instagram users follow a business

Over 500 million Instagram stories every day

🔥 Instagram statistics in 2020 Instagram numbers Number of Instagram subscribers The number of Instagram users Short online courses with certificates 🤑

Whatever your field of business it is useful to be on Instagram, but if you want to go ahead and market through Instagram, you need to know the platform of the platform, how to deal with it, determine your target audience,   what type of content is most popular, how to create an Instagram strategy for stories in addition to tracking metrics. and key performance indicators of your own and your job.

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It is clear to all of us that Instagram is no longer just for personal use, it is now a global platform that allows brands to humanize their content, showcase products, and inspire audiences.

Instagram helps companies increase brand awareness and promote services or products in a friendly manner, thereby increasing sales. To know how to market on Instagram the right way, we offer you this guide, in which we will talk about the following:

Marketing on Instagram

Instagram algorithms

Create a commercial Instagram account

Marketing method on Instagram

Instagram Analytics

Instagram photo editing software

Affiliate marketing on Instagram

common questions

Marketing on Instagram

To get started with this guide, let’s get to know the basics

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is a type of social media marketing , in which marketers use the Instagram platform to promote their business, and Instagram marketing can include a number of different strategies and tactics, used to achieve all the company’s goals.

✨  These methods and tactics used in marketing Short online courses with certificates on Instagram can be divided into:  💥

Paid tactics like Instagram ads and influencer marketing

Unpaid tactics like creating valuable content and interacting with other users’ content.

All of this depends on your company’s goals, which could include selling your products or services on Instagram, getting more followers on Instagram , building relationships with potential clients and other brands, and enhancing the brand’s overall reputation.

🔥  Instagram algorithms Short online courses with certificates 😂 ⌚


Instagram’s algorithms carefully study users’ activities and behaviors, then use this data to make guesses about what these users will want to see in the future, as Instagram relies on machine learning based on your past behavior to create a unique, personalized feed for you, even if you and someone else share the same following Accounts exactly as you will each get a personalized feed based on how you interact with these accounts and your behavior on Instagram.

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There are 6 main factors to determine what you see on your Instagram feed:

Interest : This depends on Instagram’s expectations of the importance of a post for you, and this is determined by previous behavior on similar content and the extent of similarity between it and the new post Short online courses with certificates.

Recency : When was this post published? Was it recently published? Priority will be given to recent publications.

Relationship : How close are you to the person who posted? With prejudice to people with whom you interacted a lot in the past on Instagram, such as commenting on their posts or having a picture of you that contains a tag or tag for both of you.