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🥇 List of free online courses Use Google and YouTube suggestions 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : You will find a lot of keywords in Google and YouTube.

Google uses prediction to help complete searches. List of free online courses

These suggestions depend on relevant web searches,

browsing history, and popular websites.

Try one of the important topics that you outlined in the first step, or you can also use a keyword.

List of free online courses I used this method when writing this article.

Try Google suggestions for the term keywords

Great !

You can also do this through YouTube suggestions. YouTube

suggestions are not limited to finding YouTube keywords

and using them in the videos there only!

You can also use these suggestions in your posts and

pages on your website as well.

YouTube keyword suggestions

Simply if Google suggested that then this means that there are a lot of people searching for these words!

* Walker tip: Dig

deeper into the image fields and google shopping to find more keyword ideas there and

use other search engine suggestions such as: 



Duck Duck Go



✅  Did you like these ideas and ways to search for keywords List of free online courses? 🤓

Let’s now turn to the most important tools for finding the best keywords, let’s go

The best tools and websites for finding keywords

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner,   or as some call it, “Google Word of keywords”

is one of the most important references for extracting and obtaining keywords

and analyzing keywords as well.

The importance of it is that you get these keywords from Google!

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You can choose the country and the language and it may also help you with some suggestions. It

will show you the degree of difficulty and the amount of monthly searches on the chosen search word.

You will get a list of ready-made keywords!

All you have to do is use it.

In this image, I used the Arabic language and chose Saudi Arabia as the country List of free online courses.

⭐ The search, and the keyword was: Social Media Marketing List of free online courses 🤑

An image showing the use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool to get the most important keywords for your social media marketing phrase

Google Adwords keywords

Twinwords tool

Twinwords is one of the best keyword extraction sites

not only for searching for keywords,

but for grouping these words into groups

and providing you with some important ideas, suggestions and keyword phrases.

Image of Twinwords keyword site, which is a site that helps you get keywords ready

Twinwords for words and keywords

Tool Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a keyword finder site that

provides keyword ideas from Google search suggestions.

But it also gives you data and information about each keyword

(such as search volume, cost-per-click, keyword difficulty, and more).

A picture of a keyword site called Ubersuggest that helps you know the search volume for a specific keyword and degree of difficulty and helps you analyze keywords.

Ubersuggest keyword site

Tool Moz Keyword Explorer

All you have to do is enter a keyword

and then get information such as monthly search volume List of free online courses

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💥 List of free online courses . This tool extracts accurate data about search volume using direct click data. 🔥

This image is from the keyword site MOZ, which is a tool to aid in keyword extraction

Moz keyword search tool

Tool Keywords Everywhere

Personally I like this a lot tool

List of free online courses is an addition to browsers search (Chrome & Mozilla)

All List of free online courses you have to do is download Keywords Everywhere appropriate for your browser

and then you will see suggestions for search words in all compatible sites and integrated with the addition

(such as Google, YouTube and analyzes Google, Amazon and Atsi lot It

will tell you the search volume for each keyword and the price List of free online courses  per click too!