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🥇 List of free online courses articles on risk management 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Risk management List of free online courses specialization is one of the majors of financial and banking sciences and one of the applications of List of free online courses mathematics, which is concerned with studying the tasks of insurance companies, assessing the risks facing institutions, and working on developing their management stages in order to reduce the negative effects that result from them.

There is List of free online coursesanother concept of risk management, which is the administrative activity that studies risks and methods of controlling them, and the possibility of controlling them and reducing their effects facing institutions or companies.

🤓  List of free online courses What is the importance of studying risk management specialization? ✅

Studying the specialization in risk management has many advantages, which are summarized as follows:

Work to discover risks and know their causes. List of free online courses

Evaluate risk side effects for people, calls, and organizations.

Work on analyzing risks, minimizing their impacts and the possibility of adapting to them.

Graduates of this specialization are given a suitable job opportunity in all fields.

It helps to know the likelihood of risks and anticipate losses.

🔥 What are the List of free online courses scientific courses and subjects for this major? 🤑

There are many academic subjects and scientific courses that must be studied in the specialty of risk management, whose names differ according to the different universities, but there is no doubt that all these universities are keen to provide the same scientific content and these study materials are:

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Principles of administration.

Principles of Statistics.

life insurance.

Computer applications in risk management.

Portfolio management.

Insurance principles.

Accounting principles

Risk management and insurance.

Fundamentals of Actuarial Science.

Principles of Microeconomics.

Principles of macroeconomics.

Methods of Islamic finance.

Strategic management.

Investment management.

✨ What is the List of free online courses duration of study for the risk management specialization? 💥

The duration of study in this major takes 4 years, depending on the number of hours and semesters that the student registers during the academic year, and after obtaining a bachelor’s degree, the student is entitled to submit an application for admission to the master’s program in which many fields are available, for example:

Actuarial Science.

Finance and banking.

Islamic economics and banking.

Business economy.

Marketing Management.

Human Resource Management.

Banking and Finance.

Islamic finance

Crisis and disaster management.



Project management.

Quality Management.

Strategic Planning.

Heritage materials management.

sustainable development.

Press and media.

International Relations.

Political Science.

International business.

And List of free online courses others, many scientific materials and courses that are determined according to the conditions and standards of each university separately.

What are the available fields of work after studying risk management?

There are many jobs available List of free online courses  to graduates of the risk management specialization, and they are as follows:

Work for an investment company that specializes in making feasibility studies and providing advice.

Work in one of the companies, institutions and stock brokerage offices.

Work in a hospital and medical institutions, which include the health insurance department and financial fields.

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Work in exchange and currency exchange companies.

Work in a school as a mathematics teacher.

Work in a real estate bank.

Working in companies that specialize in financing solutions, such as providing loans.

Work for an insurance company.

Work in one of the accounting fields in commercial companies.

🔥 But List of free online courses there is no doubt that each field has its pros and cons. Among the disadvantages of studying the specialization in risk management are:   ⌚

Due to the small number List of free online coursesof insurance companies, risk management students may have to work in many areas that are unrelated to their studies and outside the scope of insurance and risk.

Work in other jobs that students of this major do not have the slightest idea of, which makes them spend a long training period.

The lack of jobs related to studying the specialty of risk management.

The work takes a lot of time and effort.