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🥇 Electronic search engines Free certificate courses 🙂

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : What are Internet search engines? A question that really interests everyone! Free certificate courses

Whether you are interested in technology or not, you Free certificate courses

will be curious when you hear someone say search engines and you will search for the meaning of this word on the Internet!

🤓 Do you know how and where to look for Free certificate courses ? ✅

Free certificate courses In search engines!

If you are a search engine marketer or digital marketer in general, it

can help you understand how search engines work to learn how to use and target SEO campaigns Free certificate courses

to reach potential customers and generate more traffic in a better way.

In this Free certificate courses guide you will find:

What are search engines?

How does a search engine work?

What are the types of search engines?

What are the most famous search engines?

common questions

are you ready? Let’s start with the most important question, what are search engines?

What are Internet search engines?

Search Engines and in Arabic Search Engines Free certificate courses

An Internet search engine or a web search engine is a software system designed to help perform a web search (internet search).

Search engines allow users to search the Internet for content by using keywords or keywords.

Although few control the global market!

However , there are many search engines that people can use

when the user enters the question of what the search engine

is returned search engine results page (SERP)

is the order of the pages that are found by relevance Free certificate courses

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modus operandi of this arrangement of the type is different to another search engines.

Search engine companies often change their algorithms (the programs that rank results)

, of course, to improve the user experience. The Free certificate courses goal of these search engines is to fully understand how users search and give them the best answer to their queries,

so the higher-quality, most relevant pages are given priority.

How the search engine works

There may be some differences in how search engines work,

meaning that the details of how Google works differs from how Bing works!

But the basics remain the same.

🔥 All of them have to perform the following Free certificate courses tasks: 🤑



Industry and show results Free certificate courses

How does the search engine work and what are the search engine tasks that start with crawling, indexing, and finally moving to show results

Search engine tasks

First is the search engine crawling process

Search engines use programs called spiders, robots, or crawlers to search the Internet.

Each search engine has its own crawlers and small robots that scan websites on the World Wide Web.

These small robots, or as some call them, bots or bots that scan all sections, folders, subpages, content and everything they can find on a website.

✨ In short, you check everything inside the site Free certificate courses. 💥  

The crawling process also relies on searching for hypertext links

(texts that refer to other website pages)

and by analyzing these links, robots can frequently find new sources to crawl.

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If you are wondering about how the Google search engine works and how it works on Google, you can watch the following tutorial from Google!

Video code

How Google search engine works

Second, indexing via search engines

Once robots crawl the site’s data,

this indexing phase begins as if it Free certificate courses were a library of all websites on the Internet. Your website

must be indexed in order for it to be displayed on the SERP results page.

The search engine will try Free certificate courses to understand the content of the web page and categorize it with “ keywords ”.