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  🥇  Ebay invests in Magento Fully funded online courses 🙂

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses :  On the Magento team blog , I recently read the official eBay welcome to the Magento family as a strategic investor. The news comes after a flurry of emails received at Magento following the announcement by Ebay analysts that they made a significant investment in Magento software last year.

🤓  Roy Rubin wrote in her blog that Ebay Fully funded online courses ✅

was invested a year ago and that they could not ask for a better partner for their company. In the following year they increased their employees from 90 to 230+, their revenues tripled and every month they have more new corporate customers than their competitors in 1 year!

The two companies’ shared vision for the web community, collaboration, partnership and transparency, was supported by Ebay so that Magento could continue its successful growth in the e-commerce ecosystem.

Magento’s vision is to be at the center of eCommerce and seem to be succeeding, having given the opportunity to more than 90,000 merchants and 350,000 community members, developers, designers and systems integrators to implement successful and innovative online stores.

Magento has now surpassed even eCommerce as a name, in Google searches and with its professional platform it has overshadowed every other e-commerce software on the market.

🤑 Google Online Marketing Challenge for Greek students Fully funded online courses 🔥

Google invites Greek students and professors to the  Online  Marketing Challenge , a marketing and advertising competition for the modern internet business.

Participating students have the opportunity for a trip to the company’s headquarters in  Mountain View , California. The global competition is an ideal challenge and opportunity for Greek students to compete internationally in the fields of  marketing, business administration, advertising and  new technologies , to gain valuable experience for the Greek market and the opportunity to showcase their skills worldwide.

The competition is conducted under real market conditions: Students, divided into groups, have access to a credit of  € 146 ($ 200) per group in a  Google AdWords account which is accessible to them and within a period of three (3) weeks should to design and implement a successful advertising campaign for a real small and medium company, such as dnHost ώρα good time of their choice.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 World backup day & helpful tips Fully funded online courses 🥇

Google AdWords is a google online advertising tool that helps Google and its ad network determine which user searches the ad wants to display.

Entries will be evaluated by independent academics around the world and Google, and the  global winners will be announced in July.

The competition is open to any higher education institution wishing to participate and teachers must register for their class.

The competition will run from January 31 to June 10, 2022, while the registration of collaborating teachers must be completed by April 21, 2022 .

For more information on the competition and the application you can visit the official.

💥 Fully funded online courses website of Google Online Marketing Challenge :  ✨


If you are a teacher or student and you are interested in choosing dnhost for advertising , we will be happy and you can let us know! The field in which we operate is very competitive and therefore will be a very interesting field of practice for you.