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Whatever the reason, be sure to set your goals for your Instagram usage and my advice is not to think about what you will post on Instagram, but why you will post this post? What is the reason for participation?

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Second, define your target audience

Determine the audience Short online courses with certificates you want to reach before you start marketing with instagram, get to know your target audience closely, and think about factors such as age, location, gender, interests, motivations and needs, how?

Find your audience with related tags

Your competitors’ accounts

The most popular topics on Instagram

Take surveys

Third, create a content calendar for Instagram

Creating an editorial calendar will help you save time and manage your presence on Instagram.Fill out your calendar with some of the previously discussed types of Instagram posts and plan for labels and captions to use, hashtags (tags) and post times.

On average, brands publish 3 to 6 posts on Instagram per week. Write all of your posts for the next month and schedule at least three posts per week. Monitor important events and appointments in regions and countries targeted by your business. You can use this tool. To find out the dates of events for each country and based on that, create a pre-content!

Fourth, the aesthetic of the brand on Instagram

Try to stay away as much as possible from the absurd content and random posts that will confuse your audience Short online courses with certificates and thus lose followers on Instagram, so try to preserve the aesthetic of your posts and make them as consistent as possible.

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Try to link the design of your Instagram posts with your branding personality, select and use templates for your brand, you can choose between one of these apps that offer free Instagram templates to help you match your brand with Instagram posts:


Adope Spark




This consistency and alignment with your brand’s personality will help you increase your brand awareness and excel followers of your activity without the need to mention the business name!

🤑  Finally, increase Instagram followers Short online courses with certificates 🤓

How can I increase Instagram followers?

How to increase Instagram followers?

How to increase Instagram followers for free?

Perhaps this question is the most important and this is the exhausting task for all Instagram marketers, some people may be tempted to take the easy way out and buy followers… Don’t do that! Why?

Simply, firstly, because buying followers will not increase interaction with your Instagram account, and secondly because these fake accounts will be deleted by Instagram automatically with constant updates.

Here are the most important ways that you can follow to increase the number of Instagram followers:

Optimizing your trading account and profile

Publish 10 to 15 posts before you start interacting with users

Follow up on accounts related to your industry

Interact with these accounts on Instagram

Writing attractive addresses for users

Encourage your acquaintances and users to share your posts

Promote your account through other networking sites

If you are looking for more ways, we have published an article containing 21 tips to increase Instagram followers you can read now.

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💥 Analytics Short online courses with certificates 🔥

You can use your Instagram Insights, or Instagram Analytics, which is a good way to get insights not only for analyzing an Instagram account, but to see how Instagram’s algorithms see your brand.

By analyzing your Instagram followers, you will learn about the posts that impress your audience, do they like the video or do they prefer the pictures? In addition to analyzing your Instagram account to see the number of visits you get from the hashtags.

Instagram Analytics will tell you what Short online courses with certificates you did right, but in the end, you are the one who has to figure out how to be successful!