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🥇 Bug in WordPress List of free online courses stops automatic upgrades 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses  : The version WordPress 4.9.3 released on February 5 in order to fix 34 bugs related customizer, the widget, the visual editor and compatibility with php 7.2 brought with it a bug on automatic minor upgrades WordPress itself. According to wordfence , all WordPress sites have automatically upgraded to WordPress 4.9.2. in 4.9.3 will no longer be able to make automatic minor upgrades in the future. This is a fatal error caused in php when WordPress proceeds with an automatic upgrade. So those websites that have version 4.9.3 will no longer be able to do automatic upgrades.

🤓 The bug of WordPress version List of free online courses  ✅

This bug was detected by the WordPress community a few hours after the release of WordPress 4.9.3 with the result that this minor update has already advanced to most WordPress sites. The next day, February 6, another update was released, version 4.9.4 which came to solve the problem of manual upgrades caused in the previous version.

🔥  THE SOLUTION: Manual Upgrade List of free online courses 🤑  

To correct the bug caused by version 4.9.3, you must manually upgrade your WordPress site to version 4.9.4 in one of the following ways:

Through the Admin : Go to Control Panel> Updates and click “Update Now to version 4.9.4”.

Via FTP : Download the wordpress version 4.9.4 and then upload the files of the new version via ftp. The only files that will change are wp-includes / update.php and wp-includes / version.php.

Via PHP : If you have access to the command line, you can upgrade to wp_maybe_auto_update () of wordpress. For example php -r ‘include “wp-load.php”; wp_maybe_auto_update (); ‘ . This is the recommended method for hosting providers who do not have WP-CLI installed which proceeds with automatic upgrades for their clients.

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 List of free online courses Use Google and YouTube suggestions 🙂

SSL / TLS 1.0 support expires on 30/6

✨   ONG and .NGO domain, the new TLDs for NGOs 💥

The  .NGO  domain and the  .ONG domain  are being added to the standard .ORG (organization) domain extension , increasing the options available to Non – Governmental, Charitable and Non – Profit Organizations.

Domain names .ngo and .ong are generic top-level domains of the system domain names used on the Internet, which is funded and managed by the Public Interest Registry , while the technological infrastructure provided by Afilias.

The .NGO domain corresponds to the Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), while the .ONG fits better with the terms “Organization Non Gouvernementale” in French and “Organización No Gubernamental” in Spanish.

🔥  List of free online courses  ONG Domain ✨

ONG provides another option for NGOs, or non-governmental organizations, that translates better linguistically and in other parts of the world than .NGO. For example, in France, NGOs are called “Organization Non Gouvernementale” and in Spanish NGOs are referred to as “Organización No Gubernamental”.

Both .ngo and .ong domain endings (tld’s) are available for registration through our website.

The NGO , or otherwise non-governmental organizations are non-political and non-profit groups with the mission and goals of humanitarian work. To further facilitate NGOs and NGO associations, and to help build a credible online presence, .NGO offers a TLD designed specifically for these organizations.

4 reasons to register .NGO domain and .ONG domain names

1. Because only legally recognized NGOs, charities, etc. can

Although .ORG is a trusted domain extension, there is no guarantee that a .ORG website is non-profit, as any individual or business can freely purchase a .ORG. This is not the case with .NGO and .ONG. Only legally recognized nonprofits can purchase the .NGO and .ONG domains. As with .GOV and .EDU, nonprofits, charities, ONGs, and NGOs must go through a validation process when registering new .NGO and .ONG domains .