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🥇 Basic SEO tips for your site Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : Building a website does not mean that it will achieve the purposes for which it was created.

In this article you will see tips for optimizing a website (SEO) so that it achieves a high position in the search engines.

🤓  Online English courses with certificate SEO – Basic tips for your site ✅

URL / domain name

A good, strong domain name (containing the keywords we are interested in) and well-structured internal web page names will help.

Website title

The title of a website (title tag) should start with a keyword or phrase, contain a call-to-action phrase that motivates the user, be unique to each website and up to 60 characters.

Website description

The description (meta tag: description) will help the visitor to understand the content of your website and should be unique to each website on your site.

🔥  Keywords Online English courses with certificate 🤑

The Keyword meta tag is no longer a ranking criterion. But make sure you have the right amount and distribution of your keywords on each website. Be close to the beginning of the website, in various variations and make up roughly 5% of the total text.

✨  Headings and Lists Online English courses with certificate 💥

The use of H1-H2-H3-H4-H5 markup and text lists (numbered or not) is good, because it shows that you have prioritized your text. You can put the keywords of each website in these headings. Respectively, you should prioritize the text, from the most important (H1) to the least important (H3-H4 etc).

ALT tag on images

To let search engines understand what an image on your website is about, we define the Alt (in any case) and Title tags (as long as the image is a link).

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Online English courses with certificate Using multiple sources 🥇


Content (text) is a key factor in optimizing a page. Machines love fresh content! You often add or change text to your pages.

XML Sitemap

Sitemap is the best way to state the structure and number of links to your website. You can find various tools on the internet to build your site’s XML sitemap, which you will then need to submit to  Google Webmaster Tools  and Bing Webmaster Tools  (which has also been absorbed by Yahoo! Site Explorer).

🔥  Pictures – Video Online English courses with certificate 😂

Images and videos can play a big role in optimizing your site, while it will be good to create image / video sitemaps for your site.


Search engines dislike 404 (error) pages, so you should use 301 redirects correctly.

Double Content

Duplicate content is a big issue for any webmaster, make sure your website has a unique URL (see our related article >>) via “WWW” or “non WWW” .

⌚ Free Products or Free Trial Online English courses with certificate ⭐

Offer free software applications (licensed) or products or trial use of your services.


Make sure you do not have text and links in the same color as the background color and generally your text contrasts well with the background color.


Avoid using frames, they are an outdated tactic and may negatively affect the search engine crawl of your website.

Use Flash

If you use flash (we recommend avoiding it) at least enter text as well as titles / descriptions and heading tags.


Listing is an old and traditional way. However, do not make too many entries in bulk. Suffice it to post in important directories.

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⭐ Blog Online English courses with certificate ⭐

If your website is commercial or business then it is a good idea to create a blog. A blog is the best way to keep your customers informed, to have a personal contact with them but also to share things with them.

Participation in Fora

Join various forums and share links (to your site along with useful referrals for other users) along with the answers. This way you can quickly increase the number of your visitors.

Writing Articles

Writing articles can yield many good links to your site. There are many article directories to submit articles with tips or information related to the content of your site.

Internal Links

It will be good for you to link to your content, making navigation easier and more useful.

⭐ Outgoing Links Online English courses with certificate ⭐

Using relevant and quality links can also help your website rank higher. Avoid having no-follow outbound links because engines value quality outbound links. In any case, there are indications that the machines are no longer taking this command into account.