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Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : Marketing content, a very broad world renewed every season, and now we are beautifully noticing what brands are creating while marketing the original product.

🤓 History of marketing content creation Online English courses with certificate ✅

When talking about the history of the marketing content industry, the truth is that it is not possible to determine the exact date of its use, but most researchers assert that John Deere in 1895 was the first to publish the magazine The Furrow, which included printed commercial advertisements, and the first issue of which reached millions of readers.

The Furrow Magazine

Then some brands such as P&G continued the same marketing movement in the early 1900s with their broadcasts (audio content).

Perhaps the marketing content industry or digital content marketing as a concept began by writing small “banners” over products in the old markets, to clarify the importance of the product and its characteristics with the beginning of trade in human life.

In general, the marketing content has witnessed a very rich time line with creativity and achievements over the decades, and it is noticeable that the creative content industry, whether it is a magazine like The Furrow , or a podcast like The Procter & Gamble has been able to give its brand a place in history, and a clear extension of the horizon. the future.

🔥 Content Marketing Books Online English courses with certificate 🤑

In fact, there are many good books in the world of content marketing, here are some of the most important books recently published in content marketing:

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The Content Fuel Framework The Content Marketing Book

In this book, the author talks about organizing creativity and creating new ideas. At any time, you will not need to ask more questions about: What will I write today? Or waiting for the emergence of that great idea in its time.

This book will help you get a lot of ideas.

The book How to Motivate Buyers in the Age of Infinite Media

The author relies on recent research to help you in new and innovative ways, motivate consumers to buy based on context, and write marketing content dedicated to the buying journey .

✨ The Catalyst: How to Change Anyone’s Mind Online English courses with certificate 💥

Sometimes, when we want to change a customer’s opinion about a product, we provide more information or pressure employees to come up with something new, but nothing changes.

Here the author introduces a new method that relies on motivation to break down barriers towards successful change.

The very special thing about this book is a meeting of authors with very high experience in the field to write it, who try together after conducting a lot of interviews and extrapolations, to teach you how to convert the enthusiasm of the audience into purchasing power.

🔥  The most important courses in the marketing content industry Online English courses with certificate 😂 ⌚

The marketing content skill, as you will see in our upcoming articles, is based on staying connected to the arena and tracking what the experts create every season, and following the latest updates in this world.

Because every delay in keeping up with the knees may take you a step away from obtaining better and faster results, but this does not mean that starting to learn it is difficult or far-fetched!