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🙂 WHERE Free training certificate WILL I STORE MY BACKUP? 🥇

Free training certificate

Free training certificate : Most people create backups in one of two ways: on an external drive (offline backup) or on an online storage (server, cloud backup). It’s really easy and you only need to adjust it once, at the beginning!


🔥  BACKUP ON EXTERNAL MEANS Free training certificate ✅

You will need an external hard drive or USB , preferably larger than your PC. These offline backup media are available everywhere and in a huge variety, they are cheap, portable and very easy to use.

Just connect them to the computer / tablet / mobile, select the folders and files you want and drag them (drag’n’drop) in the window of the outdoor unit!


A simple way to start storing your files on the internet (cloud backup) is to use Online Storage services such as OneDrive , Dropbox , Google Drive , Mega to create backups of the most important files you work on at any time.

These “online drives” usually do not have much free space, however, they are enough for those who want to keep their most important documents safe and available from anywhere. When you need more space you can easily upgrade your subscription.

🤑  HOW DO I GET A BACKUP OF MY PC Free training certificate ? 🤓


Back up your PC depending on the version of your operating system, according to the following instructions:

Backup on Windows 7 – Warning: No longer supported, upgraded to Windows 10.

Backup on Windows 8.1 – Warning: No longer supported, upgraded to Windows 10.

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Backup on Windows 10

You can also check out this list of programs that back up your PC to the cloud .

2. BACKUP MAC PC (Apple)

Connect your hard disk or USB to Mac, open the MacOS menu (top left of the screen) and select Preferences ( Preferences System). Click on “Time Machine” -> “Use Disk”, select the USB hard drive from the list and select Use Disk. You are done!

If you have a MacBook, make sure you connect your hard drive regularly so you can store your files the same way!

You can also check out this list of programs that back up your Mac to the cloud .

💥  HOW DO I GET A BACKUP OF MY WEBSITE Free training certificate? 🔥

Last but not least, we left the most important part, which is directly related to our web hosting services is the backup of your website and emails !

In each web hosting package we provide DAILY , FREE BACKUP (with R1Soft , the top and award-winning backup solution for web hosting) with which we serve dozens of our customer recovery requests , which need lost files or emails.

✨ Also, with the top hosting panel PLESK Free training certificate  Obsidian we enable the backup in three ways: 😂  

Manual file & database backup

Backup website on Dropbox, Google Drive & One Drive

Website backup to external server via FTP

 Also, it is equally important for many to have a copy of their emails and that is why we recommend that they download their emails to their PC or tablet / smartphone and from there take backups to an external location (online, offline). See how to receive email in Outlook, Thunderbird etc.

 At DNHOST we maintain free daily managed backup in all Shared , Reseller , Semi-Dedicated hosting packages, free weekly backup in all VPS hosting packages and we have very economical storage space for Unmanaged Backup in all Dedicated hosting packages.