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🙂 Types of Facebook budgets Accredited short courses online? 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : An illustrative example of similar audiences and how they work. Similar audiences on Facebook

For example Accredited short courses online: You can target a person who lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, between the ages of 20 and 30 years old and cares.

After Accredited short courses online you know and define your audience, you can use the similar audiences feature!

🤓  Accredited short courses online Isn’t that amazing?  ✅

Fourth Step Choose the appropriate advertising format Accredited short courses online

Facebook provides you with a lot of advertising formats so that you can choose the format that best suits your business story.

After knowing your goals from the advertisement and according to the type of content that you want to promote, you can choose the appropriate format (image, video, text, use stories, or use advertising through the messaging application … etc.)

🔥 Accredited short courses online Yes, there are many! 🤑

Choose what matches your goals and what your audience likes.

The fifth step is to set and allocate the advertising budget

Competition in Facebook is a fierce competition!

So optimize your ad budget based on performance

and focus your budget on the most efficient ads.

✨ Whenever Facebook budgets are mentioned, I think of the following questions Accredited short courses online: 💥

Types of Facebook budgets?

There are two types of budgets:

Daily budget: The average amount that you spend on your ad each day.

Total budget: The maximum amount you spend on advertising until it stops.

How does a Facebook auction work?

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In a Facebook ads auction, priority is given to the ad with the highest total value,

and the total value depends on three factors:

1. Quote specified by the advertiser.

2. Estimated action rates, in other words, is the

likelihood that an ad serving to a person will produce the desired result for an advertiser.

3. Ad quality and relevance.

😂  Image showing ad impression factors during the auction Accredited short courses online 🔥

Make sure that your ad has a high total value Accredited short courses online, by avoiding some practices that could lead to a decrease in the quality of your ad by following these instructions from Facebook

The sixth step is to create super ads Facebook gives you the ability to combine visual ads with text Accredited short courses online dads to produce highly-converting ads. Here are these tips for creating very effective ads:

Use short, beautiful Accredited short courses online, headlines Use short, clear headlines. Audiences do not like long headlines and will likely ignore them.

Using story-telling style

Who among us does not like hearing stories ?!

Use the split and experiment method. Divide your ad copy into two parts, for example, and experiment with different features for each version to find the most efficient ad.

Think outside the box Accredited short courses online.

Use new strategies and ideas in your ads.

Do not forget mobile phone users, review the advertisement and make sure that it is clearly suitable for display on mobile devices.

⌚ The seventh step is re-targeting Accredited short courses online ⭐

You have installed a pixel in the past and have a decent amount of traffic?

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Now is the time to use retargeting.

You can use retargeting to encourage people to re-explore

what they like about your business, Accredited short courses online, whether they visited your site without any previous action or purchased your products.

Image showing the retargeting process on Facebook


This mechanism will help you target them, try to attract

them, and get them to learn more about your business and your new products.