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Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : In this article Accredited short courses online we will show you step by step how to build a site with the website builder Site.Pro easily, quickly and without any relevant knowledge.

To proceed with the construction of your site you must register a domain name and buy a web hosting package ,  very easily and quickly through our site.

🙂  When you are Accredited short courses online ready, come back to this article to build your site according to the following. ⌚

What the guide includes:

Access to sitebuilder

Template selection

Interactive user assistant

Create / edit pages

Add / change logo

Add / edit text

Import images

Add Map

Forms of communication

Responsive design

SEO optimization

Site statistics

🤓  Accredited short courses online Log in to sitebuilder ✅

To access the website builder Site.Pro you must log in to your web hosting control panel with the username and password you received when purchasing the package.

Click here to log in and then select the domain name you want to build your site.

* If you have registered a domain name and have not yet added it to the web hosting manager, first follow the instructions here and then return to the article to continue with the construction.

1st Step

plesk management

Select the domain through the Plesk Panel

2nd Step

2. Template selection

After clicking on  the website builder Accredited short courses online  Site.Pro icon , you will see the following screen:

Template selection

Template selection Accredited short courses online

Browse the categories of templates that you will find in the left menu and try some in preview to see which one best suits your project (eg the following):

Lectura de Interés:   ⭐ Hierarchy Heading Tags SEO Accredited short courses online 🥇

Change Sitebuilder template

Change template

If you have already selected a template and want to change it , click on  New / Reset and then  Change Draft.

3. Interactive user assistant

You can see all the features, tools and functions offered by the manufacturer simply by placing the cursor on the various icons.

If you find it difficult to continue, press the question mark “?” at the bottom right of the page and the interactive user assistant will open which will inform you about the features and functions of the tool.

Enable interactive help Accredited short courses online

Enable interactive help

4. Create news or edit pages

To create a new page – in addition to those already contained in the template – click on the.

🔥  Accredited short courses online drop down menu (see below) and then select Edit: 🤑

From the window that will open, select  New Item,  name the new page and then click Apply . The new page will automatically appear in the main menu of your site.

Edit pages

Edit pages

You will follow the same procedure Accredited short courses online to add, remove or edit other pages.

5. Showcase / change logo

Most templates have a default logo, which you can easily change to your own. Mouse over the default logo, select the pencil and then click Change Image:

Change sitepro builder logo

Change logo

Loading new logo

In the window that will open, select the ” Upload a new image ” button (see image 3rd step) to upload your logo.