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🙂  Winter weather in English: 7 expressions you need to know Free training certificates 🥇

Free training certificates  : British people are famous Free training certificates for their love to talk about the unpredictable weather Free training certificates and climate in the UK, and this allows us to talk a lot about the weather. Winter is a great time to talk about the weather in the English language, because we have a lot of interesting vocabulary that we can use to describe it. Here are seven interesting Free training certificates phrases to help you talk about winter weather in English.

✅  It’s as cold as …: The weather is as cold as … Free training certificates 🤓

Using ‘like’ or ‘as’ to compare two things that have Free training certificates a great influence on us is called a simile. In English we have a lot of Free training certificates similes to talk about how cold it is. The most common is “as cold as ice.”

Freezing fog Free training certificates

The fog is like a dense mist that can hardly see. It is very Free training certificates dangerous when it freezes, especially for drivers. But don’t worry, you won’t walk through it. The frozen fog only freezes because it touches the ground.

Black ice Free training certificates

It is Free training certificates very dangerous for drivers, because black snow is completely transparent, which makes vision very difficult. Make sure to drive slowly if there are warnings that black snow is on the road.

A blizzard: a fierce blizzard Free training certificates

🔥  Free training certificates This is a very dangerous snowstorm. So serious that it is impossible to see sometimes. If this happens, we can call it a ‘white-out’. 🤑

Frost: The Frost Free training certificates English learners often confuse frost with snow. Snow falls from the sky, but frost is water vapor frozen on the ground, leaves, and the outside of buildings.

To wrap up warm: to wear heavy clothes Free training certificates

When the weather is cold while you want to go outside, you need to put on multiple layers of clothing. We call “wrapping up warm”.

✨   To snuggle in: to snuggle in Free training certificates 💥

Sometimes in cold weather, you don’t want Free training certificates to go outside at all. If this is the case, keep yourself warm and comfortable at home by “snuggle in” the blanket on the sofa or bed.

What about where you live? Is there frost on the ground, Free training certificates and do you need to watch out for freezing fog? Do you prefer to wear Free training certificates heavy clothes and go out in cold weather, or do you wrap a blanket around the house and watch a movie? Do let us know in the comments section below. Free training certificates.

🔥  How to describe a person in English Free training certificates 😂

Your ability to describe a person in English is one of the basic skills for every learner or beginner in learning Free training certificates the English language, after completing your ability to present yourself in English.

But the matter may differ when we describe a person, we may need to express it more accurately, especially when you want Free training certificates to describe a person in English who is not present with you in the same place or you do not remember his name, and therefore you must have a vocabulary of some vocabulary to describe others, as everyone has something that distinguishes him from the Free training certificates other Whether in outward appearance, personality, or even feelings, and therefore the physical description of a person in English must be accompanied by many adjectives with many nuances that help you describe well.

⭐ In this article, we will explore together some Free training certificates points by which people can be described in English with ease. ⌚

Describe a person’s outward appearance.

Personality traits.

Description of his condition or feeling

Describing someone’s Appearances

The use of the external appearance is one of the ways that help you describe a person in English directly, but that depends on the strength of your memory to portray the features of the destination, the size of the body, height … and other characteristics that distinguish this person that you want a recipe Free training certificates.

Here are some of the characteristics that Free training certificates can be used when describing a person in English.

My son is very beautiful. My son is very beautiful Free training certificates


He’s the most handsome man I’ve ever met


This is a cute little baby. That’s a cute little baby


She looked pale and skinny. She was looking pale and thin Free training certificates


He is a tall man. He’s tall man Free training certificates


How about your muscular trainer? what about your big muscular trainer

Muscular Free training certificates

He is a very short man. a very short man

Short Free training certificates

You see that short-haired boy over there with short hair


I was talking about the guy with the long hair. I was talking about of the long-haired man long-haired

The bald man is the owner of the house. The bald man is the owner of the house

Bald Free training certificates.

🙂  Six unusual English words mispronounced even by native speakers Free training certificates 🥇

Free training certificates  : One of the things that people often find difficult when Free training certificates learning English is that words are not always pronounced in a logical way. Sometimes, difficult spelling can make words difficult to pronounce. In other cases, you find that the words contain similar sounds, but not exactly Free training certificates like some of the other English sounds that people find difficult. It’s not just learners of English who find these words difficult, though. Many native speakers have a problem with these words as well. Here are six unusual words that even native speakers often pronounce the wrong way.

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Nuclear: nuclear

Because the vowel sound Free training certificates is easier to repeat than the combination of vowels in this word, people often say ‘nuclear’ ‘nuclear’. Remember the correct way to pronounce this word by looking at its content. Can you see the word “clear” there? So be ‘clear’ and say ‘nuclear’.

Prescription: a prescription Free training certificates.

This is another one where people Free training certificates often confuse the arrangement of sounds. In ancient forms of the English language, this word may have been pronounced ‘prescription’. But now if you go to a doctor and write you a list of the drugs that you need to buy, make sure you get the letters correctly, and that they say they are ‘prescription’.

🔥  Hyperbole: Exaggeration Free training certificates 🤑

This is one of the unusual words that we use Free training certificates to write most of our speech. It is a way of describing something in a more extreme way than it actually is, and the correct way to pronounce it is “hyperbolically” Free training certificates  /haɪpɜː.bəl.i/.

Epitome: a summit Free training certificates.

When something is Free training certificates of a high degree of perfection or of the highest quality, we can say it is “the Free training certificates epitome of something.” For example, “In his new suit, he is the epitome Free training certificates of style” (which is the best example of elegance). The “me” at the end of the word is pronounced the same way we say “me” when talking about ourselves. The entire word is pronounced.

💥 Omnipotent: Omnipotent Free training certificates ✨  

To be “omnipotent” is to be of infinite Free training certificates  power and be able to do anything. The important part of pronouncing this word correctly is being able to click in the correct place. It is ni, mnɪp.ə.tənt/.

Pronunciation: Pronunciation

Free training certificates  This is a word that is very important Free training certificates for you to know how to pronounce, and it is a word that native speakers often mispronounce. Notice how this word is spelled differently from the root word ‘pronounce’. There is no ‘noun’ in the word ‘pronunciation’, so be sure not to include it in the word when you say it.

So, those are Free training certificates some of the words that Free training certificates native speakers find difficult to pronounce at times. what about you? Are there any words that you find difficult in the English language? If so, share them with us in the comments section Free training certificates below.

🥇  Partially funded undergraduate scholarships in Australia at Bond University 2020 Free Online Courses 🔥

Free Online Courses  :Bond Universit y offers scholarships and tuition waiver for students Free Online Courses who live outside Australia and wish to apply to study at the undergraduate level with academically outstanding students. Where these scholarships are offered to undergraduate students on the basis of academic excellence and also to confirm the university’s commitment to the high quality of its students and its support for outstanding international students.

✅ Free Online Courses  Eligibility Criteria: 🙂

 Free Online Courses  The applicant must:

Free Online Courses Have already received an offer from Bond University to commence undergraduate degree studies. Students who have not yet received an offer can apply via Bond University’s online application form. Free Online Courses  The following programs are not eligible for scholarship consideration – Master of Psychology, Study Abroad and Exchange programs, Bachelor of Medical Studies, and PhD in Physiotherapy. Free Online Courses

Currently residing outside Australia. Those who study English at Bond University College as part of the offer are still eligible to apply. Free Online Courses

 He has distinguished academic abilities. Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses The University Excellence Grant application form must be completed and submitted before the scholarship application closing date for the semester in which you intend to start studying, to obtain the application form from here.

🤑 Free Online Courses  You have not yet started an undergraduate or graduate program at Bond University. 🤓

Free Online Courses  After the closing date for each semester, Free Online Courses Bond University will select the successful applicants in a competitive, merit-based process. This will include reviewing the academic achievement of all applicants as evidenced by their academic results from their country’s qualification and supporting documents. Applications that do not fulfill the requirements will not be considered. Free Online Courses

Successful applicants will be notified of the results within a month of the scholarship closing date. Free Online Courses

💥 Free Online Courses Additional conditions upon acceptance of the scholarship: 🔥

Accepting an award means agreeing to fulfill these obligations, as the award winning recipient must:

😂  Free Online Courses  Comply with the terms and conditions of the Bond University General Scholarship ✨  

Maintain a GPA of at least 65% or higher in the study program

Registration is done on a full-time basis

Participate in promotional activities organized by the university.

Prizes are non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash. Free Online Courses

Scholarship Worth:

Free Online Courses  University Excellence Scholarship winners receive 50% coverage of the tuition fees for their chosen program of study. The Kingdom’s government is concentrated in the capital, London.  Free Online Courses According to 2001 statistics, the number of Arabs in Britain reached about half a million people, most of them immigrated from Iraq, Yemen and Lebanon, as large numbers of them are political asylum seekers, while the other part of them are businessmen, new immigrants or students, and their presence is concentrated Mostly in London. Free Online Courses.


Located in the West Midlands in England, Coventry is a charming medieval town that was once part of Warwickshire. The city is the second largest city in its region (after Birmingham), and it ranks 71st in terms of cost of living as well as being home to many internationally ranked academic institutions. Such as the University of Warwick, which is ranked 54 among the best universities in the world. Free Online Courses.   

🙂 The best free hosting sites Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Online Certificate Programs : The best free hosting sites we will present through the following Online Certificate Programs article, where some users on the Internet prefer to use free hosting service in the first free experience on the website, or buy the cheapest hosting service to reduce costs, and for this we will know about the best free hosting sites for users for Online Certificate Programs profit.

Online Certificate Programs  Other non-profit companies provide free services to non-profit organizations with the aim of enriching content, conveying Online Certificate Programs  unconventional ideas to people and supporting the success of their projects, and this article is about hosting and domain, which saves you the trouble of searching and provides you with the best free hosting service through the Cpanel control panel, which provides you with a free domain.

🤓  Free WordPress hosting Online Certificate Programs ✅

Using a free WordPress Online Certificate Programs  hosting site at the beginning of the journey is not a bad thing, and you can create a tech blog or design a free free website and focus on achieving your goals, and when you are convinced that the idea is successful you can buy cheap hosting, such as IPage hosting, Bluehost hosting, Online Certificate Programs  or NIM. Ship or host gator hosting, and host gator hosting can be tried with a Host Gator discount voucher, many bloggers around the world started as a free hosting site that supports html and became popular.

🔥 The best free hosting sites Online Certificate Programs 🤑

Online Certificate Programs  There are many goals and the original is fixed and nothing is free for life, but things have become limited, due to the difference in the services provided through free hosting between companies, and some companies compete to provide users with free hosting services in order to transfer them to a fast hosting in the future, and this movement continues. Marketing uses it to increase shared Online Certificate Programs hosting and server sales companies have achieved great success, and today we will learn about the most important and best free hosting sites, which have won the admiration of users around the world.

✨  The best free hosting sites Online Certificate Programs 💥   

1- Free Webhost Hosting:

Online Certificate Programs  One of the prominent companies that provide free hosting services is a provider of web hosting services and its location in the United States, which began providing free hosting services in early 2007, thanks to the hosting advantages it provides to customers and the most important weekly backups that the company provides for free, which attracted the attention Online Certificate Programs  of many From clients as well as WordPress support, and its features are as follows:

Online Certificate Programs  Storage Capacity: 1.5 GB

Data transfer rate: one hundred GB. Compulsory advertisements form: no.

Cpanel control panel

Databases: Two databases.

Number of e-mails: Five.

FTP account: no

Online Certificate Programs  Also, the company offers the best Cpanel free hosting service that most users have, and you may not like it because it takes up very little space, so the company provides 1.5 GB, but do not worry because it is the best free to support html hosting a website, which is very convenient to start the project And it lasts for at least a year, and it can easily move from free hosting to paid hosting if necessary which is good for this company, you can now visit the site by clicking on the link here Visit the site


The best free hosting sites Online Certificate Programs

The best free hosting sites

2- Free hosting for WordPress

We offer you the best hosting without text or image ads, and you consider that you have a free website from the ground up, the great thing about hosting is that you will get a free domain with hosting an extension by domain, and everything You have to do is upgrade your website to hosting and start working on the same day, and you will get the following offers:

🔥  Storage: one GB. Online Certificate Programs 😂

Data transfer rate: five GB.

Mandatory ad serving system: None. Online Certificate Programs

Control Panel: Private.

Number of databases: Five databases.

Number of emails: One email

FTP account: one account

Free WordPress hosting

If you are doing free and domain hosting, I suggest you use this hosting now, it is one of the best free hosting sites, and WordPress can provide these features for this service. Visit the site

3- X10Hosting hosting

Online Certificate Programs  We recommend you to use this excellent hosting, it is the best free WordPress hosting and the best free hosting, it has a cpanel control panel and an open space for life, and it has many advantages within the control panel and hosting you must provide advanced technology and provide this technology to users for free, and you can pay money in hosting companies Other sites, but x10Hosting is free, Online Certificate Programs  you will get the following offers Online Certificate Programs.

Storage space: unlimited

Data transfer rate: unlimited

Mandatory ad serving system: None.

Control Panel: Cpanel.

Number of databases: Five databases.

Number of emails: 3.

FTP account: no.

It’s also great about x10Hosting Online Certificate Programs  hosting, it provides the ability to create a website with more than 150 free templates through free WordPress software, just click one of the free dashboards in the control panel, it can host websites, commercial categories and ads, just click here. . Online Certificate Programs.

🥇 How to profit from the Internet for beginners Free Online Courses 🙂  

Free Online Courses :  How to profit from the internet for beginners is the focus of today’s Free Online Courses article, and also how to get additional work online to increase your income, and the most beautiful thing is that this is additional income without you having capital as it is in dollars and in free time while you are in your home, and this is a way to help you increase your income and improve the level Your livelihood without the need to move and travel abroad, follow us .. Free Online Courses.

✅ Free Online Courses  How to profit from the Internet for beginners in an easy and secure way 🤓

There are many ways that you can start and use it, Free Online Courses but today it will provide you with the best strategy to profit from the Internet for beginners in specific steps, which gives you confidence in yourself and makes you strive to expand your use of the Internet and achieve gains through it. Free Online Courses.

However, Free Online Courses generous reader, we must be very realistic on the principle that work is successful in every place is negligence even if it is in the digital field, so the best way to profit for beginners is this way to take advantage of the Internet, but you must always make sure that you follow A good path for new things so that it doesn’t fail like everyone else. Free Online Courses.

🔥   How to profit from the Internet for beginners Free Online Courses  🤑

Free Online Courses  The method of profit from the Internet for beginners from home without capital Free Online Courses

We will get to know the correct way to profit from the Internet without capital in your home, and you can only work for one hour a day until beginners get experience with a Free Online Courses profit rate of at least $ 500 per month, which you can do through a set of steps implemented, without any problem without Any experience in the field of profit from the Internet and from these methods as follows:

Quick profit from the Internet through the best profit sites on the Internet Free Online Courses

Mabrugge site: It is a distinguished surveys site run by a German marketing research company called Splendid Research GMbH, which provides services in multiple languages, including Arabic, and thanks to its international ownership, anyone living in more than 60 different countries can use it, fabricating about polling sites. Few countries, in which the profit of a single survey sometimes reaches $ 3, and when it reaches $ 6 you can withdraw the profit. Free Online Courses

Swagbucks: is a great monetization site for a variety of companies, such as filling out surveys to improve their search engine, watching videos and presentations, performing many simple tasks and if you have time for entertainment, you can use it to earn money without having to surf the Internet and waste time on Social media (note: this site is not available in some Arab countries) Free Online Courses

How to profit from the Internet for beginners Free Online Courses

How to profit from the Internet for beginners

Watch also .. Website design

💥  The second way is to profit from writing content Free Online Courses 🔥

Working for yourself  Free Online Courses  is better than working for a company, and if you want to create high-quality Arabic content, you can sell the article for $ 20, but you must have the skills to write the content. Free Online Courses

There is no time to wait now, you must Free Online Courses  be ready to start making money through the Internet, there are many unconventional sites scattered among the Arabic blogs, which have hidden treasures, for those who master the English language, for example:

Listverse pays $ 100 per accepted article, Free Online Courses  but the written article must be valuable, must contain at least 1,500 words, and contain at least ten elements, in addition to that, good profits can also be obtained from it, compared to most of these sites With the content of other sites, your articles are compared with other articles, and it is the best way to profit from the Internet for beginners. Free Online Courses

TopTenz pays the content writer $ 50 for each accepted article, and the article must be in the form of a list and must contain at least 1500 words, with some exceptions and the demand is constantly increasing, so you often have the opportunity to get a great appreciation on this site according to its progress In the Google search engine.

Finally, we have presented to you the best way to profit from the Internet for beginners, if you find a suitable method of these methods, you should try it and try to learn more  Free Online Courses  about it, and if you really want to make the Internet a permanent source of income, then you need to focus on learning to do what you aspire to and do not despair. . Free Online Courses.

🥇  How to calculate profit from YouTube Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs : How much profit from YouTube per thousand views Online Certificate Programs. How to calculate profit from YouTube? One of the frequently asked questions when starting to enter the field of profit from YouTube, as there are many articles explaining how to calculate profit from YouTube from many websites, but today we will not add new articles to this list, but we will know Online Certificate Programs  in detail how to achieve this for every girl Or a young man who wants to earn from that opportunity and the possibility of profit through YouTube.

✅  Online Certificate Programs  How much profit from YouTube per thousand views 🤓

YouTube doesn’t pay channels for views, Online Certificate Programs  but YouTube can earn money by displaying ads on videos.

However, YouTube must agree to certain conditions in Online Certificate Programs  order to agree to place ads on your video and then give you a profit for viewing those ads.

No one, not even YouTube itself, can prove to you the steady profits Online Certificate Programs  that you can get from the YouTube channel, but everyone talks about an approximate average.

But there are some other ways that you can make money through YouTube, Online Certificate Programs  most of them are the secrets of millionaires on YouTube.

How to calculate profit from YouTube Online Certificate Programs

How to calculate profit from YouTube

Watch … How to profit from the Internet for beginners


🔥 Profit from YouTube without uploading videos Online Certificate Programs 🤑

The first method is to make a video yourself and explain it in a topic, program, or website, just like some videos that are placed in the YouTube channel Online Certificate Programs.

The second method: Watch videos that other people have taken from YouTube, but you must make sure that Online Certificate Programs  there is no music in them, as this is considered a violation of YouTube policy.

The third method: This method is suitable for those who do not want to modify the video, and only want to download and re-upload it to their channel, and this is related to getting a video without rights from YouTube.

We go to YouTube and search for the videos we wanted just as we search for profit blogs.

The filter is pressed, then select CREATIVE COMMONS, which means no copyrighted video.

Online Certificate Programs  Now you should download all the videos that you want to upload to your channel without worrying about deleting your channel, and you will undoubtedly make money after successfully bringing viewers Online Certificate Programs  to this channel.

Online Certificate Programs  But I also recommend, so that you can learn how to calculate profit from YouTube, make sure to download videos related to your channel content so that you can earn money online and double your profits with ease.

✨   Online Certificate Programs  How to calculate profit from YouTube 💥

Profiting with YouTube also requires time, effort and investment, and in fact the Online Certificate Programs results that can be achieved are well worth the time, effort and investment.


Here is a Online Certificate Programs short list of some of the most important YouTube channels and monetizing them, through which you Online Certificate Programs

 can appreciate the huge profits provided by YouTube:


DanTDM Online Certificate Programs  offers a channel to its owner, Daniel Middleton, with estimated earnings of $ 16.5 million, over 19 million subscribers, and 13,834,694,779 views.

VanossGaming is owned by Evan Fong, which has an estimated revenue of $ 15.5 million, has more than 23 Online Certificate Programs  million subscribers, and has 10,093,833,407 views.

Dude Perfect has an estimated revenue of $ 14 million, has over 31 million subscribers, and has 6,531,844,044 views.

Finally, I hope that I have provided useful information on how to calculate profit from YouTube, and this article is a guide for everyone who wants to make money through YouTube, and I also Online Certificate Programs hope that all sincere winners will apply this article to a large number of continents to benefit from it and profit from YouTube.

🙂  Short online courses with certificate  How to increase your English writing skills online 🥇

Short online courses with certificate  : Writing in English clearly and correctly is important that cannot be ignored. Today’s students and professionals communicate constantly in writing, Short online courses with certificate from emails to texts to presentations. Whatever your goals for English fluency, you will find that expressing yourself well in writing is an invaluable skill.

Short online courses with certificate  For example, a cover letter can increase or decrease your chance of an interview at an English-speaking company. For students seeking a better place at UK or US universities, strong written English is essential, from personal statements to entrance exams to extended dissertations. Even if you do not use English at work or in your studies, the ability to write well in English is a huge advantage, in case you have a friend of old-style pen-pal or you Short online courses with certificate simply need to email the hotel for which you booked your summer vacation with it.

If you are looking for simple ways to improve your English writing skills online, look no further than EF English Live. Follow the tips below to give your English writing skills a quick boost.

🤓 Short online courses with certificate  Read widely ✅


Often the best writers are the most enthusiastic readers. This may be true for famous writers, but it is also true for you as an English student. Start with reading material at your level, whether it’s a familiar children’s story or an online English newspaper, and then challenge yourself with new reading material every week. Pay attention to Short online courses with certificate  sentence construction and note that great writing doesn’t need to be complex.

Our online school is full of sample texts for reading. During your lessons, you will find lots of examples of clear and correct writing in English to help you improve your writing.

Keep a vocab list

 🔥  Short online courses with certificate Keep a vocabulary list 🤑

Notice as you read helpful vocabulary to include in your writing. These vocabulary words can be interesting adjectives or new, unfamiliar words that you may want to add to your vocabulary. Write these vocabulary words with definition in English and have them handy for your next writing activity.

Adding new words and great descriptions make your writing more sophisticated and interesting. Short online courses with certificate

Pay attention to grammar

✨ Short online courses with certificate Pay attention to grammar 💥


Unfortunately, this is the boring fact, that the greatest burdens for all language learners are matters of grammar. Thankfully our online school is full of fun lessons that make this major task less painful.


Short online courses with certificate  Once you’ve mastered a new grammar lesson, make a note to use in your writing. This will help enhance your understanding of the grammar and make your writing more clear, correct and fluent.


Get feedback from a native speaker Short online courses with certificate


One of the biggest perks of EF English Live students is that every written activity at every level of our online English school is reviewed by one of our expert teachers. Our teachers will provide you invaluable feedback to improve your writing online.

You are also welcome to bring portions of your writing to private classes, for one-to-one review with your tutor. He or she can help you make your writing shine.


🔥 Short online courses with certificate  Be social in English 😂

Looking for a fun way to practice and improve your English writing skills online? Tweet, use Facebook, or blog in English. Short online courses with certificate It’s a great way to practice writing, and it can help you learn new terms and expressions while you communicate with other English speakers and learners online.

Visit our website now

Learn English no more with English Live ™ today

He joined the first school in the world that won a gold award for three years in a row to teach English via the Internet, which has more than 20 million students.

Do you have some of your own additional tips for writing in English? Let us know in the comments below.

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