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🥇 Fully funded online courses How to define your target audience when starting to create a podcast? 🙂

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses : Determine the personality of the listener Fully funded online courses. To find out the target audience , gather the following information:

🤓 Identify podcast topics  Fully funded online courses ✅

Knowing and identifying the listener

Target language and dialect

The audience’s preferred method of podcasting

If you are not already familiar with the topic you are considering, spend some time doing a little research online and learning about the content currently on display.

You will be able to see which topics come up a lot, what are the personality interests of the listener , even their “accent” and the ways they prefer to interact online.

All of this will help you improve your content , and pave the way to creating a great and successful podcast!

🔥 Types of podcast topics Fully funded online courses? 🤑

When it comes to topics for podcasts, there are a lot of shapes and types, let’s talk about the main ones and the most popular ones at the moment:

Types of podcast topics?

Podcast Interview

These podcasts feature a single host who interviews individuals in a specific industry. Such as:

After yesterday from the island podcast with wonderful Khadija Ben vertex

Soualif Business , interviews on entrepreneurship .

Serials and storytelling

Usually, podcast series episodes with one topic for an entire season, and each channel contains more than one series or storytelling through different episodes on different topics in all aspects of life such as:

Science talk from King Abdul Aziz City for publication Fully funded online courses.

Voice Podcast

Business Wars translator from Al Jazeera Podcast

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 What do you know about Fully funded online courses SEO? 🙂

Podcast Abjoura

the news

The format summarizes news in a specific field such as:

Tech Podcast for technical news


Educational Podcast

Written and realistic programs that focus on educating their audience, such as:

Company podcast in the business world.

Astrolabe podcast to help choose a major

Tricks podcast

The Universe Podcast

Of course, there are more varieties, topics and ways to present a podcast, and if you want to create an Arabic podcast channel, I recommend that you search in the  directory of Arabic podcast programs .

✨ The name of the podcast channel  Fully funded online courses 💥

The name is often the hardest part, it’s the name everyone will pronounce! You will say it thousands of times when talking about your content, not only that! It will be on the cover of your podcast’s image and the URL of your link.

In an ideal world, the name of your podcast should show what are your listeners waiting for? Meaning that it is indicative of the content that will be present in this podcast, and that it is a factor that attracts listeners, as it is the first thing that will catch the attention of the audience!

🔥 Some tips for choosing a podcast name Fully funded online courses: 😂

Tips for choosing a podcast name

Choose a descriptive name

Stay away from using hashtags and tags

Don’t copy anyone, try to make the name unique

Hire your fans or friends

Easy and simple to use

This is how we will finish the second part of the How to Start a Podcast series, and in the next part we will talk more about the duration of podcast episodes and how to prepare the podcast channel.