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🙂 Production engineering major List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Engineering production List of free online courses specialization is one of the scientific disciplines that is concerned with studying design methods within the industrial system, how to plan and manufacture all parts of products, and the possibility of developing them by dealing with advanced modern technologies.

It has List of free online courses many other names, such as precision engineering, as it is called in Japan, and industrial engineering in the United States of America, and it is also called production engineering.

There is no doubt that production List of free online courses engineering is one of the main pillars that helps in the progress and prosperity of societies at the civil and industrial level, as it helps in establishing many basic industries such as the iron and steel industry and engineering industries such as the automobile industry, as well as the manufacturing industries such as workshop machines, in addition to industries Consumer and food industries.

🤓  What are the scientific List of free online  courses that are studied in the production engineering major? ✅

There are many scientific courses that are studied in the field of engineering production, and it is worth noting that these List of free online courses study materials may differ in their names depending on the university, but certainly universities are keen to provide the same scientific content for the specialization, and among these study materials are for example but not limited to :

  • General Physics.
  • Practical General Chemistry.
  • Engineering mathematics.
  • Science of refractories and fluids.
  • Engineering Statistics.
  • Engineering Materials Properties Laboratory.
  • Metal forming production processes.
  • Metallurgy processes.
  • Simulation.
  • General chemistry.
  • Automation.
  • Calculus.
  • Human Factors Engineering.
  • Metrology and Metrology Laboratory.
  • Facility planning.
  • Production planning and control.
  • Operations Research.
  • electrical engineering.
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Laboratory of refractory and fluid science.

🔥 List of free online courses How long is the study period in the production engineering major? 🤑

It is usual for the duration of study for a bachelor’s degree for such majors to take a period of about 4 academic years, but that depends on the number of hours and semesters that the student registers during the academic year. Hours in engineering and medical majors are 165 hours, which concludes that the duration of study in this specialization is about 5 years.

What is the importance of studying a production engineering major?

To study the specialty of engineering production has many advantages, as follows:

It is one of the most important and widespread scientific fields due to its multiplicity of fields.

The graduates of this specialization are granted a certificate of discretionary status that has a prominent position among the rest of the disciplines.

Industry plays an important and main role in the quality of industries and products, which gives importance to graduates of this specialization.

This specialization is characterized by the availability of many fields of work that suit the capabilities of graduates.

✨ List of free online courses What are the available fields of work after studying the production engineering major? 💥

Graduates of this specialization can get a suitable job opportunity in many fields and jobs, including the following:

Work as an industrial or manufacturing engineer in a factory and company.

Work in the educational system, especially in teaching physics or mathematics.

Work as a supervisor of all engineering works, which include maintenance work.

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Work in the field of manufacturing agricultural machinery.

Work in energy management and industrial facilities.

Work as a quality control engineer in a company and industrial institution.

🔥  List of free online courses What are the disadvantages of studying a production engineering major?   ⌚⭐

 We cannot deny that there are some negatives associated with studying this specialization, for example:

Engineering production specialization is one of the engineering specialties that require specific skills and special standards.

Permanent exposure to injury, which requires caution and follow safety and security standards.

Many think that this specialization is for males only, and this may be because it requires a lot of time and effort.