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🙂  DotNetNuke: How to open from the root of your domain Free certificate courses 🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses  : If you have DotnetNuke installed in your domain subfolder and want to open your site directly by typing in your domain then this article shows you the solution.

🤓 You can use the meta redirect or javascript method to solve this issue Free certificate courses. ✅

you need to create an index page in your domain’s httpdocs folder that will direct your visitors to the DNN installation folder.

An example meta redirect is this:

* where “” is your domain name and “folder” is the folder in which you have installed your application

You can also use JavaScript for this job ..

Open your editor to edit your site’s default page.

🔥  At the top of the file add the following Free certificate courses code: 🤑

Save the file and then upload it (via FTP or Plesk File Manager) to your domain.

The first domain to be registered on the Internet

22 solutions for online Projects Management & Collaboration

Did you share the wrong file with the group and does it take hours to resend the correct file to each individual?

Is there a laxity in keeping track of time milestones even in the direction of your project?

Everything can be managed with the right  online project management software!

The on-line project management software eliminates distances & provides  direct communication between partners with  an exchange environment where each team member can get the same information , the same file and the same documentation as the others.

Here are 10 (+10 🙂 online project management software with many useful features such as task  setup , job sharing ,  real-time updates  , file sharing, online shared wiki ( info library):

Lectura de Interés:   🔥 Free certificate courses In light of the availability of many modern technological services, the following questions arise: ✨ 😂

1. Central Desktop

 Central Desktop   will allow you to work from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. It is a platform  for tasks  that runs in the cloud and  keeps you organized.

✨ central desktop Free certificate courses 💥

Users can have instant timer, real-time web conferencing (very important for any collaboration tool), built-in instant messenger , instant & shared document writing (like Google Docs) and more.

Central Desktop also has a sleek Twitter tool, where users can post status updates on their workflow, as well as a discussion forum where groups can discuss their ideas (good thing, especially when people are alive in different time zones).

2. Confluence

If you are a wiki user then  Confluence  will be easy to use. Although it is not a common wiki system, it still incorporates many similar features such as content creation by all users, smart search, chat and more. File sharing is done via drag and drop.