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Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : Confluence, unlike other project management software, focuses more on documenting and sharing information . For large projects, proper documentation is the key to a well-organized execution of tasks.

There are also many plugins that users can install on the system, each for their own purpose. Its best feature is its ability to work seamlessly with Microsoft Office .

3. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab  helps partners with time- saving  and easy-to-use features. Project leaders set milestones and deadlines for the team, add team members, assign tasks and notify via email of project updates. Also,  posting and  replying to  a comment can be done via e-mail.

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With ActiveCollab, team leaders can provide real-time updates to their contractors / clients by giving them access to the system itself. The program is quite flexible in defining and distributing access rights to users.

File sharing, work time monitoring, pricing, project management and notifications are all done on your web server.

4. TeamLab

TeamLab  is a free management  platform for small and medium-sized businesses. Using TeamLab is like having a social network within your company. You can post blog posts that the whole company can see, issue in-house  announcements , so that no one is left out of developments, polls   and more.

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Members can even start their own discussions in the forums, getting the whole company involved in any activity they like.

Another good thing is the built-in messenger for conversations between all members, which makes it “unnecessary” to use other, external IMs for business communication.

5. Basecamp

Lectura de Interés:   🙂  DotNetNuke: How to open from the root of your domain Free certificate courses 🥇

Made by 37signals, a company that believes in ¨ less is more¨, Basecamp   focuses on communication between users to achieve optimal performance. Instead of sending emails to different people, users can post what they want directly to Basecamp and let other users work on it, without sending emails to each individual.

basecamp online Projects Management & Collaboration

In terms of file sharing, Basecamp supports all popular file formats , from Word documents, images, and any file type. When it comes to file reviews, files that are uploaded to the application and have the same filename will not replace existing files, and old files will be archived so that users can see what changes have been made to those files. For user-uploaded images, users can preview the image before downloading the file.

6. Producteev

Producteev  acts  as an online to-do list that alerts you in real time what is happening via email, IM, or iPhone.

producteev online Project Management & Collaboration

 Team leaders can create a virtual workspace and introduce their partners there, create tasks and outsource them to people, add deadlines and create productivity reports.

7. Time Doctor

Time Doctor  promises  to dramatically reduce lost time and in the world we live in now, time plays a key role in a business.