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✅ Our goal Free certificate courses ✅

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : Our goal is, within our capabilities, to be able to help as much as possible, small and medium enterprises of Karditsa & Samos , in order to acquire a digital presence or to further strengthen it, through the offer of free web hosting and professional email and the possibility of immediate and free construction of a website or eshop with the free tools (Site.Pro, WordPress, Moodle, OpenCart, PrestaShop etc) that we provide with each hosting package. We believe that the development of both physical and digital infrastructure is the answer to the challenges of the future. We want to see more websites and e-shops of companies or organizations of Samos & Karditsa go up on the internet and give the message that the next day can be bright and hopeful .

✅ What do we offer Free certificate courses? ✅

100 hosting packages “Grow Hosting” will be given completely free for one year to companies and organizations based and active on the island of Samos and the regional unit of Karditsa. You can see detailed information about the features and capabilities (eg number of email addresses, package capacity, etc.) of DNHOST hosting packages here.

Terms of participation

Eligible to participate are all companies, organizations or institutions that have their headquarters in the regional unit of Samos or Karditsa and are active in their regional unit. You can see the detailed terms of participation in the action here .

How do I register?

If you meet the criteria you can register immediately by filling out the relevant form of interest . If for any reason you can not fill out the form, do not hesitate to contact us at 210.953.6767 or at

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✅ Important Dates Free certificate courses ✅

Participations in the action through the form of interest can be made until 15/03/2021 .

If there is a need for a draw to select the beneficiaries, it will take place on 22/03/2021 at 14:00.

The beneficiaries of the hosting packages will be announced on 23/03/2021 and will be notified via email.

The activation of the packages and the declaration of the domain name (website address) that they will host, must be done by the beneficiaries within 30 days from the date of their notification.

Package Beneficiaries

The following took part in the action and won a year of free hosting:

Bourgazas Michael from Samos

Stylianos Sotiris from Samos

Velegrakis Konstantinos from Samos

Karantoni Dina from Karditsa

Roditis Alkiviadis from Karditsa

Panagiotidis Dimitris from Samos

Chatzinikolaou Fotis from Samos

We welcome them to the large family of satisfied customers of DNHOST hosting services and we look forward to seeing the new live sites on the internet.